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‘CAUTION! Reading This Book Can Make You Think’ available now

Roger Huff cranks out another fascinating book.
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His ninth book proves Tahoe City resident Roger Huff is a multi-faceted and prolific author, whose works include more than a100 feature articles, a nautical dictionary, a cookbook, collections of humorous short stories, a weather and water handbook, a romance-adventure novel, “Tales & Towns Along The Truckee,” and the popular “Onboard Cruising Guide to Lake Tahoe.”

“CAUTION! Reading This Book Can Make You Think” draws upon Roger’s background in geophysics, biological and behavioral sciences, systems engineering and teaching. It’s a different kind of book that covers a wide range of tantalizing topics and intentionally alternates challenging chapters with simply fun-to-read chapters, and provides pauses periodically to let our brains accommodate newfound knowledge.

As its title implies, this is not a “fluff novel” to be read while doing yoga and sipping chai tea.

Obtaining optimum results from the cleverly constructed mental exercises requires curiosity about the unfamiliar, courage to question managed information and a commitment to learn more.

Some folks believe whatever they read or hear, and a growing number seem to be unable or unwilling to make an effort to communicate that effectively, learn from history, or think independently.

This new book fights the threats such lazy brains pose to modern society.

“CAUTION! Reading This Book Can Make You Think” is also one of very few places to find an unbiased discussion about “Climate Change,” discover “Little-Known Laws” that could help you avoid incarceration, learn priceless lessons offered by ancient civilizations, become familiar with the rules for strange sports like chess boxing and wok racing, examine the pros, cons and realities of both traditional and alternative energies and fuels, and discuss a few clues that just may help you solve some of history’s greatest mysteries.

If you still aren’t intrigued by such subjects, the following questions should stimulate your curiosity:

How is a GGE used to compare various types of fuel?

What are the differences between weather and climate?

In which state is it illegal to impersonate a Corder of Wood?

Which ancient civilization is famous for their colossal heads?

What happens if you drop a raisin into a glass of Champagne?

Were there actually ancient giants; and if so, where did they live?

What atmospheric gas contributes most to the greenhouse effect?

How many obstacles are there on an official Wife-Carrying course?

This book will make you smarter, a witty conversationalist, more popular, a better athlete, (possibly) able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, and a more valued member of our society.

“CAUTION! Reading This Book Can Make You Think” (ISBN 978-1-4917-1716-5) is now available from all decent bookstores and on line at http://www.barnesandnoble.com and http://www.Amazon.com.

To learn more about the author’s works visit http://www.WriteAweigh.com.

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