Chief’s Corner: Replace your HVAC system filters |

Chief’s Corner: Replace your HVAC system filters

Mike Brown

With the recent smoke we experienced over the past several weeks, as well as timing of seasons changing, it’s a good time to think about changing your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system filters.

Clogged and dirty filters in your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, also referred to as an HVAC System, can cause the heating and cooling ventilation system to work harder than it should have to, which can ultimately cause higher energy usage and higher energy costs for your home.

Locate the filtration or service panel where the filter for your ventilation system is held.

Undo the panel cover fastener and open up the panel to expose the filter.

Remove the old filter and measure the exact dimensions of your current filter so you can use these measurements to purchase a new filter.

Once you have the new filter at home, slide the new filter into the slot or location where the old filter was located behind the panel.

Secure the panel cover so that the panel is back in place.

In order to maintain optimal energy usage, replace the filter in your HVAC System on a monthly basis during high energy use seasons, such as mid-winter and summer months, and be sure to check it about every two to three months during seasons when your heating and air conditioning system is used less frequently.

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