Clary Sage: a centering, calming, cleansing oil |

Clary Sage: a centering, calming, cleansing oil

Sarah McCallum
Special to the Bonanza
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Clary sage is extremely effective for anyone seeking balance.

This essential oil has been highly prized by ancient civilizations as a strong antidepressant. The oil, when applied, will release feelings of despair and encourage wellbeing and a sense of calm.

It can also help release bloating and flatulence that has built up within the body due to stress and anxiety. This musky and slightly woodsy scent combines very well with any citrus essential oil for a sweet and fresh yet relaxing aroma.

Think of clary sage when working with women who are suffering from postpartum depression, as it can aid in healing the urinary tract as well as balancing the hormonal system of females.

Be aware this particular oil is contraindicated during pregnancy and may be avoided if breastfeeding as well.

Pack a bottle of clary sage before heading out on a hike because it can be useful in the treatment of wounds or spasms.

The essential oil of clary sage will clean out a gash on the body quickly without any harmful side effects. Apply a few drops at the end of your day to ward off any soreness and keep muscles from seizing.

It makes for a wonderful addition to massage therapy easing the body into a euphoric state while simultaneously easing tension from the muscles as well as the mind.

It also helps the therapist to open up creatively and use their powers of intuition while working. Beyond its incredible range of helpful properties this essential oil has a lovely aroma.

This essential oil is one of my favorites for scenting my body. Clary sage acts as a powerful deodorant too, so it will work hard for you while you’re working hard.

It truly is an essential oil for everyone and I hope you all have a chance to experience the calm, centering qualities of clary sage.

Sarah McCallum is a massage therapist at North Lake Massage & Skin Care.