Truckee Town Council approves Grocery Outlet |

Truckee Town Council approves Grocery Outlet

Hannah Jones
The Truckee Town Council has approved the Grocery Outlet project, following an appeal by local residents.
Courtesy of MWA, Inc., Architecture – Engineering

Truckee Town Council members have unanimously approved the construction of a Grocery Outlet on Donner Pass Road, following three public hearings and months of deliberation.

“I know that this decision tonight is not going to make everyone happy,” said Council Member Morgan Goodwin. “What’s important to me is Truckee first.”

In April, an appeal was filed against the Planning Commission’s approval of the 16,147-square-foot market sparking outcry from residents surrounding the project site in the Gateway neighborhood. While the area is zoned for commercial use residents were concerned about additional traffic in the neighborhood and on Donner Pass Road with potential parking overflow onto surrounding streets.

Goodwin said if the council denied the project, members would have to determine that the project would have a significant effect on the environment due to unusual circumstances. After reading through staff reports, he said he didn’t believe the project would cause an unusual circumstance.

“As far as I’m able to determine our governing documents have met those thresholds,” said Council member Jessica Abrams, referring to the projects fulfillment of all requirements set forth in the California Environmental Quality Act. “I’m unable to find a strong argument that says this should not be approved.”

“Every land use project that has ever gone to the council is going to impact someone,” said Council Member Patrick Flora. “My job as I see it is to make decisions based on what the impact is on the town as a whole.”

Flora said he didn’t find a “valid, legally defensible reason to deny the project.”

“Under the laws we have the project is allowed,” said Mayor Carolyn Wallace Dee. “If we want to change those things we have to do it before another project comes before the council.”

She noted that the council should look the level of service on Donner Pass Road as well as changes to the development code.

Hannah Jones is a reporter for the Sierra Sun. She can be reached at or 530-550-2652.