Discover tranquility, compassion with Great Mother Prajna Paramita meditation |

Discover tranquility, compassion with Great Mother Prajna Paramita meditation

Lindsay Fletcher Hardie
Special to the Sun
Burning candles and meditation practice enhance serenity of the mind.
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Polly Ryan, MA, MFT will give a teaching and transmission of The Great Mother Prajna Paramita Meditation Practice on Sunday, Sept. 7, noon-5 p.m.

Polly is a senior student and authorized teacher of Lama Tsultrim Allione of Tara Mandala Retreat Center. This teaching will be available via streaming as well as on site at For Goodness Sake in downtown Truckee.

Prajna Paramita is the Great Mother; she is luminous clarity full of compassion. She is a deity, a symbol and a sutra. Above all, she is the teaching that guides us to the experience of prajna, or transcendent wisdom.

She is a Wisdom Mother, rather than an Earth Mother and is most closely related to Sophia in Western tradition. Prajna Paramita, from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, is the principle of the foundation of reality and our own true natures.

The “jna” of Prajna is the same root as “gno” of gnosis, which indicates the possibility of a deep inner knowing. Therefore, she is the teaching that guides us to the experience of prajna, or transcendent wisdom.

Meditation slows down the mind’s confused grasping (the ego), which perpetuates ineffectual patterns of behavior and thinking. The cultivation of a quiet mind allows the natural luminous clarity of the mind, or “prajna,” to come forth. Prajna Paramita is the quality of sharp perception, which comes with relaxation of the ego.

The quality of compassion arises naturally and effortlessly out of this transcendent wisdom.

Lama Tsultrim has condensed her 40 years of Vajrayana practice into a simple and complete Sadhana to cultivate the ultimate state of realization. This practice is accessible and straightforward, with each component leading naturally toward effortless resting in the nature of mind.

During the afternoon teaching, participants will receive the transmission for this nature-of-mind practice. The teaching includes the history of Prajna Paramita and a detailed explanation of the practice itself. Prajna Paramita is a core practice within the Truckee Tara Mandala Sangha.

Prerequisite: Lama Tsultrim asks that participants have at least two years of consistent meditation or other internal arts such as yoga, chi gung, tai chi, etc. or permission from the teacher at 530-587-1978 or

Suggested dana: $40-65, however, no one will be turned away due to lack of funds.

Call For Goodness Sake Truckee at 530-550-8981 to register.

Lindsay Fletcher Hardie, Ph.D, is a psychologist, a longtime student of Lama Tsultrim Allione, and has found this practice to be transformative both professionally and personally.

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