Four ways to improve your Tahoe tennis game |

Four ways to improve your Tahoe tennis game

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IVGID tennis pro Joshua Olivas shows proper form for backhand and forehand shots.

The contact point is a key component in hitting and controlling a tennis ball. Just like golf and baseball, if you don't have a good "feel" and visual impression of where the contact point is, you are going to have trouble making good contact and hitting the ball in the direction you want your shot to go.

Here are a few tips on the contact point for tennis forehand and backhand ground strokes:

1. Your racket should be 2 -3 feet to the side you're hitting on and a foot in front of your body. Your body will be behind the ball and the weight will be transferring forward into the shot from the legs, hips and shoulders.

2. The wrist should stay quiet and the grip relaxed. Your wrist should be firm but not too tight.

3. Aim to hit the ball in the sweet spot.

The sweet spot is right in the center of the strings on the face of the racquet.

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4. After contact, the face of the racquet should follow in the direction you want the ball to go for about foot to a foot and a half.

This all takes practice, good preparation, getting the shoulders turned before the ball bounces and timing your swing to make contact out in front.

When you hit the ball with the correct contact point and in the sweet spot it will feel effortless and clean. Good luck and see you on the courts!

This tip was provided by Serena Quarelli, Director of Tennis at the Incline Tennis Center. Stop by the Pro Shop, visit, or call 775-832-1235 to purchase Tennis Memberships, clinics, gear or get more information.