Get zesty clean inside and out with lemon oil |

Get zesty clean inside and out with lemon oil

Sarah McCallum
Special to the Sun
Lemon oil is a refreshing cleansing agent and might even brush the cobwebs from your mind.
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TAHOE/TRUCKEE, Calif. — Here we are in the middle of such a glorious season: Spring!

One thing that comes to mind as we transition from the cooler months into warmth is cleaning house. My critters cannot get enough outdoor activity lately and that means a whole lot of dirt is making its way inside our home.

The citrus essential oils make for incredibly powerful household cleaners and my favorite happens to be lemon. This tart and brightly scented oil can eliminate odors when diffused in different rooms around the abode.

It also makes for a great kitchen cleanser, keeping counter tops and appliances sparkling and fresh. The best part about using lemon essential oil as a household cleaner is that it is non-toxic to the environment in which it is being used. Your children, pets, even house plants do not have to suffer each time you tidy up your living space.

Beyond cleaning your home, this essential oil can help to keep your body and mind pure as well. When taken internally, lemon turns alkaline and therefore helps to detoxify the human system. While doing some major internal cleansing it can also uplift the mood.

Lemon essential oil is high in antioxidants so be sure to add it to smoothies and other yummy springtime drinks.

This oil is known to boost left brain activity like analytical thought processes and focus so be sure to apply it to the right side of the body if looking for a bit of balance in the brain. Lemon essential oil is one to keep handy when preparing to clean house or even clean out those cobwebs in the back of our minds.

I often reflect upon colors when we enter a new season and yellow most definitely comes to mind right about now.

Sarah McCallum is a massage therapist at North Lake Massage and Skin Care,