Give thanks with the 2015 North Tahoe-Truckee nonprofit wish list |

Give thanks with the 2015 North Tahoe-Truckee nonprofit wish list

Jean Eick
Special to the Bonanza
Emma Bingham holds seedlings during a recent planting of sugar pines. The Sugar Pine Foundation is among many regional nonprofits in need this holiday season.
Courtesy Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation |

INCLINE VILLAGE, Nev. — The Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation, in partnership with the North Lake Tahoe Bonanza, presents the 2015 Nonprofit Wish List.

This is the seventh year we have collaborated on a Wish List during the Holiday Season.

This year, we asked nonprofits to submit a Fund-a-Need program or item that will help them make a difference in the Lake Tahoe-Truckee region.

We invite you to consider all of the Wish List needs as you and your family prepare for the giving season at Tahoe.

No matter what amount you give, your donation will help. To make a donation directly to one of the organizations on the Wish List, follow the How to Donate instructions included in each listing.

All organizations are verified 501(c)3 public charities or school organizations. The Bonanza and Parasol do not endorse any of the nonprofits on the list.

The Nonprofit: Arts for All Nevada

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $1,000 for weekly bedside art workshops for children hospitalized in Renown’s Children’s Hospital.

How to Donate:

Contact: Mary Ellen Horan at or 775-826-6100

The Nonprofit: Beauty for Butterflies

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $3,750 for gift bags filled with new make-up and assorted cosmetics to give women who have experienced domestic violence.

How to Donate:

Contact: Maggie Sebastian at or 775-762-3722

The Nonprofit: Choices South Lake Tahoe Day Program

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $3,000 for tech apps/multimedia equipment/ power point projector, art supplies and wood/mechanical tools/equipment, among other programs.

How to Donate:

Contact: Robert Albin at or 530-541-0167

The Nonprofit: Diamond Peak Ski Education Foundation

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $7,500 for radios, video cameras, timing system and B-netting.

How to Donate:

Contact: Valerie Taylor at or 775-832-1176

The Nonprofit: Disabled Sports USA Far West

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $30,000 to purchase 150 new snow sports uniforms.

How to Donate:

Contact: Jessica Portnoy at or 530-581-4161 ext. 203

The Nonprofit: Family Resource Center of Truckee

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $5,000 for the only free/low-cost, bilingual legal assistance in the region offering expertise in family law, landlord-tenant, wage claims, small claims and other civil matters.

How to Donate:

Contact: Teresa Crimmens at or 530-587-2513

The Nonprofit: Firefly Yoga International

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $1,200 for a trained yoga teacher to deliver twelve weeks of evidence-based, healing yoga programming to teens with a history of trauma, abuse, and violence.

How to Donate:

Contact: Emily Winter at or 857-208-0496

The Nonprofit: Food Bank of Northern Nevada, Inc.

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $5,000 to purchase fresh, nutritious fruits and vegetables for food-insecure people who seek help from local Tahoe Basin food pantries (we have 5 member pantries in the Tahoe region).

How to Donate:

Contact: Mary Donnell at or 775-785-5797

The Nonprofit: Friends of the Library of El Dorado County, Inc.

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $3,000 to support the South Lake Tahoe Library Children’s Summer Reading program, which encourages children and families to read throughout the summer break, helping to prevent the “Summer Slide.”

How to Donate:

Contact: Jeanne Benin at or 530-541-1371

The Nonprofit: Girl Scouts of the Sierra Nevada

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $16,500 to keep the Girl Scout Camp (Camp Waisu II) in good running condition with new tents, cots and mattresses, new water pump and repair the bridge to camp.

How to donate:

Contact: Sheena Britschgi at or 775-322-0642 ext. 1270

The Nonprofit: Girls on the Run-Sierras

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $250 to sponsor a low income girl to participate in the life changing Girls on the Run program that teaches girls life skills while simultaneously training for a 5K running event.

How to donate:

Contact: Danielle Rees at or 775-298-0280

The Nonprofit: High Fives Non-Profit Foundation

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $10,000 for the CR Johnson Healing Center, a 2,400-square-foot training facility providing resources for athletes in recovery from life altering or sport related injuries.

How to donate:

Contact: Roy Tuscany at or 530-587-4453

The Nonprofit: Holiday Bucks for Books

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $5,000 to purchase new children’s books to give each child at Incline Elementary School 4 books for the holidays.

How to donate:, click on Holiday Bucks for Books Button.

Contact: Megan Weiss at or 775-298-0188

The Nonprofit: Incline Elementary School PTA

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $30,000 for weekly science lessons for 431 students, K – 5 field trips, Science Fair, School-wide science assemblies and events and after school clubs.

How to Donate:

Contact: Eric Harssema at or 775-832-4250

The Nonprofit: Incline High School

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $10,780 to support the AVID Program, preparing our Incline High School students for college readiness and success.

How to Donate: Send checks payable to Incline High School to 499 Village Blvd. Incline Village, NV 89451.

Contact: Aaron Parsons at or 775-832-4260

The Nonprofit: Incline High School Boosters

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $8,150 to create a “Highlander Hub” with paint, speakers, chairs, tables and sofas for an on-campus gathering area for IHS students, giving them a place to eat, collaborate on projects, or get homework done.

How to Donate:

Contact: Melissa White at or 775-813-3909

The Nonprofit: Incline Schools Academic Excellence Foundation

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $14,270 to provide laptops for children in grades 4-8 (approx. 540 children).

How to Donate:

Contact: Treasurer at or 775-832-1207

The Nonprofit: League to Save Lake Tahoe

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $5,000 to work with local elementary school students and other community volunteers to label storm drains with “Keep Tahoe Blue – No Dumping” metal markers, helping to keep pollutants out of Lake Tahoe’s environment.

How to Donate:

Contact: Seth Chanin at or 530-539-4854

The Nonprofit: Nature Conservancy in Nevada

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $5,000 will complete our fundraising need for our solar power project at Independence Lake – essentially transitioning our power consumption at the Preserve from fossil fuel (propane) to solar.

How to Donate:

Contact: Simon Williams at or 775-322-4990

The Nonprofit: Nevada Cancer Coalition

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $3,000 to Our Sun Smart Schools program for preventing skin cancer by establishing sun safe habits in children from pre-school through high school. Gallon sunscreen pumps ($120 each) and student sunscreen bottles ($2 each) are needed.

How to Donate:

Contact: Cari Herington at or 775-737-9720

The Nonprofit: Nevada Discovery Museum

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $7,500 to support educational programming, field trips and hands-on activities tied to National Geographic’s Monster Fish exhibit.

How to Donate:

Contact: Danielle Williams at or 775-398-5955

The Nonprofit: Nevada Interscholastic Cycling Association

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $5,000 to purchase a trailer that can be used to store and haul the tools and equipment to support programs and for the outdoor youth development organization.

How to Donate:

Contact: Doug Bedient at or 775-690-9420

The Nonprofit: New Millennium Dive Expeditions

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $3,000 to provide critical observed underwater data on Tahoe’s Nearshore ecosystem where the spawning and growth of its fisheries takes place and the projects dispatched from the TRPA being conducted by UNR and Davis.

How to Donate:

Contact: Martin McClellan at or 775-850-2500

The Nonprofit: North Tahoe Arts

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $3,500 to support expansion of the 23rd Annual ARTour marketing efforts. ARTour is a free self-guided open studio tour that supports artists in our community.

How to Donate:

Contact: Kellie Cutler at or 530-581-2787

The Nonprofit: Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $17,500 will provide Family Care Packages for northern Nevada children diagnosed with cancer. NNCCF offers immediate financial support by providing each family a custom care package containing gas and grocery cards, educational materials and keepsake items.

How to Donate:

Contact: Debbie Strickland at or 775-825-0888

The Nonprofit: Project MANA

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $15,000 to support Project MANA’s home-bound delivery program, or Food and Companionship Exchange (FACE) Program, serves 67 community members with over 3,484 deliveries.

How to Donate:

Contact: Heidi Allstead or 775-298-0103

The Nonprofit: Red, White and Tahoe Blue

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $25,000 to purchase stage, lighting, and sound equipment instead of continuing to rent it.

How to Donate:

Contact: Brendan O’Donovan at or 323-490-3281

The Nonprofit: Sierra Avalanche Center

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $2,000 to present avalanche awareness and education to youth programs across the region, providing ski teams, youth programs, environmental educators and the public with a basic understanding of snow safety for winter recreation.

How to Donate:

Contact: Don Triplat at or 530-412-3773

The Nonprofit: Sierra Nevada Ballet

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $2,500 to bring the annual holiday show “PEANUTCRACKER – THE STORY IN A NUTSHELL” to Lake Tahoe.

How to Donate:

Contact: Nicholas-Martin Kearney at or 775-750-8357

The Nonprofit: Sierra Nevada College

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $5,000 to purchase a 12-person van for Science faculty and student usage. The van will be utilized to access field sites for research, student field trips, and to further student knowledge of complex environmental issues.

How to Donate:

Contact: James Uyeda at or 775-881-7510

The Nonprofit: Sierra Senior Services

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $20,000 to bring daily food and friendship to homebound at-risk seniors with medical needs through Meals on Wheels.

How to Donate:

Contact: Sarah Deardorff at or 530-550-7600

The Nonprofit: SOS Outreach

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $10,000 to expand SOS Outreach programs inspiring youth to make positive decisions for healthy and successful lives and provide more opportunities for Tahoe’s underserved youth through outdoor experiential learning, character development, community service and more.

How to Donate:

Contact: Theresa Papandrea at or 775-298-0260

The Nonprofit: South Lake Tahoe Cancer League

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $9,000 to give financial grants to patients who are under active treatment. Our organization needs to give out 20 grants in 2016.

How to Donate:

Contact: Angie Burns at or 530-318-0961

The Nonprofit: Sugar Pine Foundation

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $1,800 will provide funding to expand its South Shore ‘No Child Left Inside’ program to North Shore. The program aims to bring underprivileged children and families out into our forests through several partnerships.

How to Donate:

Contact: Maria Mircheva at or 650-814-9565

The Nonprofit: Tahoe Arts Project

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $5,000 will provide funding for performing arts programs in the schools and community of South Lake Tahoe.

How to Donate:

Contact: Peggy Blowney at or 530-542-3632

The Nonprofit: Tahoe Expedition Academy

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $2,500 to offer an after school STEAM program for elementary aged students. The program would provide a hands-on and project-based experience that engages students directly with the practices of design and engineering.

How to Donate:

Contact: Courtenay Wallpe at or 775-250-2825

The Nonprofit: Tahoe Family Solutions

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $5,000 to provide a bus for Camp Explore. The costs to rent a bus have been significantly increasing annually. Having our own wheels will save money and ensure children can access outdoor fun.

How to Donate:

Contact: Amy Guinan at or 775-298-0205

The Nonprofit: Tahoe Fund

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $25,000 for the new bike path from Incline to Sand Harbor. A donation of $2,500 will purchase a personalized paver.

How to Donate:

Contact: Amy Berry at or 775-298-0035

The Nonprofit: Tahoe Institute for Natural Science

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $4,000 for a part-time employee to continue in school science programs that connect students with our local wildlife.

How to Donate:

Contact: Kirk Hardie at or 775-298-0065

The Nonprofit: Tahoe Magic

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $5,000 to help with crisis housing for families with children that have experienced a crisis in their lives that has put them just a bridge away from being homeless.

How to Donate:

Contact: Wendy David at or 530-544-6743

The Nonprofit: Tahoe Montessori House of Children

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $1,200 to invest in a commercial bear box ADA compliant with large capacity top loading trash with recycling containers. A bear box would discourage the repeated bears incidents occurring in the playground.

How to Donate:

Contact: Susan Ward at or 530-544-1818

The Nonprofit: Tahoe Nordic Search and Rescue Team

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $25,000 to continue our mission of saving lives and delivering our winter education program. In our 38-year history we have responded to over 300 missions and rescued over 500 people.

How to Donate:

Contact: Chris McConnell at or 530-546-4235

The Nonprofit: Tahoe Rim Trail Association

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $10,000 to fund a Youth Programs Coordinator position to help us build a vibrant program for teens to learn: Leave No Trace Outdoor Ethics, backcountry navigation and wilderness survival skills.

How to Donate:

Contact: Shannon Skarritt at or 775-298-4490

The Nonprofit: Tahoe SAFE Alliance

The Fund-a-Need Wish: Volunteers We are seeking skills based volunteers in legal, marketing, graphic design, counseling & therapy to better meet program and grant funding requirements.

How to Donate:

Contact: Karen Carey at or 775-298-0162

The Nonprofit: Tahoe Turning Point, Inc.

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $15,000 to purchase a used vehicle that can transport 7-12 passengers for the four residential group youth homes located in South Lake Tahoe.

How to Donate:

Contact: Rich Barna at or 530-545-4594

The Nonprofit: Tahoe’s Connection for Families

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $901 will provide a family in need a one year membership at TCF including unlimited access to all TCF developmental programs, parenting education, bilingual programs and open gym times.

How to Donate:

Contact: Emma Healy at or 775-832-8230

The Nonprofit: Thunderbird Lodge Preservation Society

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $4,500 for water sealing and repair of stonework at the historic Thunderbird Lodge. Deterioration is allowing moisture to penetrate the masonry to reach interior spaces.

How to Donate:

Contact: Bill Watson at or 775-832-8755

The Nonprofit: TOCCATA

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $10,000 will provide $20 tickets to seniors without having to raise the prices for the 2016 season. Seniors are often on fixed incomes and we want them to continue to be able to enjoy classical music.

How to Donate:

Contact: Meera Beser or 775-230-1066

The Nonprofit: UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $12,000 to support an educator to support science education at the UC Davis Tahoe Science Center.

How to Donate:

Contact: Heather Segale at or 775-881-7562

The Nonprofit: Washoe County Amateur Radio Emergency Service

The Fund-a-Need Wish: $25,000 will sustain our annual needs for storage, maintenance, and use of our Mobile Emergency Command Post vehicle.

How to Donate:

Contact: Andre Munoz at or 775-722-0815

Jean Eick is Communications Manager for the Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation. Visit to learn more.

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