GM’s Corner: Talking about trash in Incline Village |

GM’s Corner: Talking about trash in Incline Village

Men on the line at the sorting facility. The conveyor belts move fast, and so do they.
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We’ve been doing a lot of “trash talking” at the Incline Village General Improvement District this month.

In fact, it seems like we’ve done nothing but talk about trash since we implemented the new process for trash collection last fall. And as I noted in my last column, the transition to the new collection method has been less than ideal.

We are continuing to work very closely with our franchisee, Waste Management, to make service better moving forward. We are also conducting a “Performance Review” as allowed under Section 7 of our Franchise Agreement. (

Per the agreement, “the District may examine Collector’s operation in order to evaluate whether or not the Collector is operating at a satisfactory level of efficiency and customer satisfaction according to best practices for Solid Waste and Recyclable collection and disposal in Nevada, and in compliance with terms of this Franchise.”

We will report back to you in the future regarding the results of this review. If you have specific issues that you would like included in the review, please email me at

Zero Tolerance

In the meantime, we are transitioning from our educational efforts to the enforcement period for the new collection procedures.

We realized that the change from bags to containers and the inclusion of weekly recycling would require a major change in the weekly rhythm for our customers. We also realized that many of our curbside pickup customers would not be in town until after Memorial Day.

And since our goal for trash collection is compliance and not the collection of fees, we have conducted an extended educational period for all minor violations of the trash collection ordinance.

On Aug. 1, the educational period is over and full enforcement will begin. This means that if you don’t close the lid completely on your container, you will be subject to a violation.

If you place additional trash next to your container, you will be subject to a violation and be charged for the additional trash collection.

If you place your trash out on the wrong day of the week or before 5 a.m., you will be subject to a violation.

For residential customers, if you receive a violation, your first offense will result in a mandatory upgrade to a wildlife resistant cart and the added service cost for this type of cart.

Second and subsequent offenses could result in a fine of up to $999. This fine can be refundable if you opt to install a bear shed at your service location.

For more information, please go to our website:

I realize that this policy may seem draconian to many of you, however this policy was adopted in order to minimize the ongoing challenges in the community with the urban-wildlife interface and trash collection.

There were many members of the community who encouraged the IVGID Board of Trustees to mandate wildlife resistant containers when updating the franchise agreement. There were many other residents who felt that they shouldn’t be burdened with the added cost of wildlife-resistant containers or bear sheds, as they had never had a wildlife and trash conflict.

Thus, the current policy allows residents to maintain standard waste containers as long as they have no conflict with wildlife. However, as noted above, if a trash violation occurs, the customer will upgraded to the wildlife resistant container.

Please email me at if you have any additional questions or comments regarding solid waste collection.

“GM’s Corner” is a recurring column from IVGID General Manager Steve Pinkerton, who discusses issues and offers updates regarding various district matters. He may be reached for comment at

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