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Go riverside with QI Gong

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Rolf Godon leads an outdoor QI Gong session at the Truckee Donner Senior Apartments.
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TRUCKEE, Calif. — Begin your day energized and relaxed as the result of a QI Gong session.

Join a class along the Truckee River and/or at the Truckee Donner Senior Apartments (outside on the grass shaded by a pine tree). Let your bare feet connect with the earth, bringing up earth energy. Let the warm energy of the sun, the moving energy of the river and the outdoor space move through you.

The sessions are comprised of deep and focused breathing in coordination with slow Tai Chi-like movements. A smile upon your face shines as your mind, body and spirit are energized. Stress and tension melt away, to be replaced by a sense of energized well-being.

QI Gong/Tai Chi has been shown to strengthen the immune system, enhance balance, decrease hypertension, increase range of motion, and improve circulation and respiration. The focused movement and breathing produces a meditative-type state. The movements can be accomplished regardless of physical condition or restrictions and can even be accomplished from a sitting position.

Classes are held each Tuesday from 9-10:15 a.m. at the Truckee-Donner Recreation & Parks District Community Recreation Center until the weather warms and then at the Truckee River Regional Park’s riverfront barbecue area. Or discover the mental and physical health benefits of QI Gong Thursdays, 10-11 a.m., at the Truckee Donner Senior Apartments on Estates Drive.

For information contact Rolf Godon at 530-587-2557, rgodon@pacbell.net or just drop in.

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