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Gospel singer, ventriloquist to perform in Truckee

Special to the Sun

Brent Vernon and “Sam the Dummy" pack quite the one-two punch.

TRUCKEE, Calif. — After nearly two decades on the road as a full-time musician and ventriloquist, Brent Vernon still loves his job.

With a schedule of 130-140 appearances each year, Brent has developed a remarkable ability to connect with all age groups in a variety of settings.

He is a singer and accomplished pianist. Stylistically, his arrangements and original songs reveal an eclectic appreciation for many genres–gospel, pop, jazz, and more.

One unique facet of a Brent Vernon concert is his sidekick Sam, a hilariously expressive ventriloquist figure. In every presentation, kids of all ages are delighted by this quirky little man.

"Sam the Dummy," as he is known to his Facebook followers, has his own CD of fun and character-building songs. Not to be outdone by a dummy, Brent has recorded three CDs of his own, most recently working with producer Don Koch on "Take to the Sky," a collection of 12 original songs.

"I still cringe sometimes when people ask what I do. Some folks probably think that I'm all over the map," he said. "But when you hear the songs, read the stories, and listen to Sam do his thing, there is a common thread of humor and sincerity that runs through it all."

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Besides the music and puppetry, Brent is the author and illustrator of the Audrey Amaka storybook series, a 3-volume set of children's books about a little giraffe who, despite the "high hopes" of her parents, was born without a neck.

A stickler for quality, Brent chose to be his own publisher, eventually teaming up with STL Distribution to make his books available to booksellers nationwide.

With thousands of books in circulation, Brent's attention to detail is paying off.

"What are my core messages? They're simple, I can tell you that," he said. "Love God, trust Him, be who He wants you to be, practice kindness, obey God's Word, and use your talents for Good! That pretty much sums it up."

Brent and Sam will perform Saturday, Nov. 1, from 6:30-7:30 p.m. at Church of the Mountains, located at 10079 Church St. in Truckee.