Healthy Now: Enjoy the benefits of cold-brewed coffee |

Healthy Now: Enjoy the benefits of cold-brewed coffee

Cold-brewed coffee

Ingredients for large batch, can be halved

1.5 cups coffee beans, ground

8 cups cold water

Recommended low-calorie stir-ins: Cashew or soy milk, Torani sugar free salted caramel or vanilla syrups, one small scoop Enlightened cold-brewed coffee or chocolate ice cream.

Preparation: Place the coffee in a large glass jar or large French press. Add the water and stir to combine. Cover and set aside at room temperature for 12 hours or overnight. Strain the coffee through a large coffee filter or a strainer lined with a cheesecloth. Refrigerate and add stir-ins on an individual basis and preference, but also great black.

They’re back. The members who waved us a goodbye in the Community Recreation Center parking lot. The ones who said, “We love you Truckee-Donner Recreation & Park District, but it is too nice outside for your Fitness and Aquatic Centers. We’re going to go hang in one of your parks. Farewell until October.”

Yep. They are back in droves. Seems it is too hot outside for running, yet the lakes are too cold for swimming. Plus there’s a lot of pollen. Seems that the air conditioned inside track and heated pool are calling.

Another thing we hear calling are requests for iced coffee at our Flipturn Food Café. The Aquatic Center has become kind of famous for its great cup of Joe, but as the temperatures climb its fan base is declining. So sad. So sad because actually a hot beverage is a great cool-down tool.

Our tongues actually have these TRV1 receptors which, when you drink something hot, activate the brain mechanism we have to cool ourselves off: sweating. Still, who wants to be tricking their brain to sweat when, honestly, you are so thirsty the pool water looks delicious?

Enter the cold-brewed coffee. Not to be confused with a cold brew (that belongs in a different section of the paper), cold-brewed coffee has been all the rage for about a year now, and while its popularity has grown and there are more and more selections to choose from, it still remains pricey. Time to start the home brew (again, coffee) and keep an ample supply on hand this summer.

Cold-brewed coffee is not to be confused with iced coffee, which is, essentially, just regular coffee cooled down and served over ice. Cold brewed is a process and it requires some steeping time. Ideally, you should invest in a “sun tea” jar and designate it your cold- brewed coffee receptacle or “jug,” depending on your level of sophistication. Tom-a-to/tom-ah-to, either way caffeine is a great addition to your workout. It increases your metabolism and causes fat cells to be used as energy as opposed to glycogen. Coffee also contains high levels of antioxidants. Finally, it is just so, so refreshing on these hot days. Cold-brewed coffee and the Rec Center’s air conditioning are our friends.

This column comes courtesy of Truckee Donner Recreation & Park District staff and members, inspiring creative, active lives for a healthy mountain community. For more information on how you can stay in shape this season and take advantage of the Summer Pass, visit or check out our Facebook page at

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