Keeping cool with Park & Rec, Key Lime ice cream |

Keeping cool with Park & Rec, Key Lime ice cream

Simone Grandmain
Special to the Sun

The other day Truckee-Donner Recreation & Park District (TDRPD) fitness center member Miriam celebrated a milestone birthday (somewhere between 69-71), and the party request around the track was for "Coffee cake! Coffee cake! Coffee cake!" Three cheers for a birthday coffee cake!

Then we all came to our senses. First of all, Miriam, who is in stunning shape, is not hiking Whitney this year due to an injury so no coffee cake for her. You know the rules Miriam. Secondly, it is kind of hot for coffee cake, not that we'd notice.

Dare we say the TDRPD fitness center and indoor track where Miriam maintains her girlish figure are blessedly air-conditioned? Should we brag about the pleasantly cool dance studio where Miriam does her daily body sculpting and fat burning class? Of course we should.

We are not opposed to sweating at the TDRPD; we just find we have more endurance when not overheated. And so, Miriam, that coffee cake is headed down to administration where it belongs, and you are getting a nice cool, low calorie, Key Lime mousse or, dare we say, ice cream? Yes we do.

This summer offering started as a whipped confection, and ended up being a very good frozen "legal" (meaning it falls within the "Healthy Now" parameters) dessert or snack. The snack is also great when scooped into a Diet Coke or sparkling water.

Next year Miriam, when you're back on your Whitney training, we'll talk about cinnamon rolls for your birthday.

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