Incline vets club to host retired Air Force general |

Incline vets club to host retired Air Force general

Staff report

The Incline Village/Crystal Bay Veterans Club will host retired US Air Force Brigadier Gen. Joe Shaefer at its July meeting.

The meeting is noon to 2 p.m. Thursday, July 30, at the Donald W. Reynolds Community Nonprofit Center, at 948 Incline Way.

Shaefer, who writes and speaks about geopolitical and national defense issues, spent 6 years in Army PSYOP and Special Forces and 30 years in Air Force intelligence as a flight crew briefer, air ops intel officer, interrogator and strategic debriefer, among other positions.

According to a press release from the club, Shaefer retired from his last posting as a direct report to the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, and is now a senior geopolitical consultant with thinktank Omnis, Inc.

Below is a brief synopsis of his speech from this Thursday’s event:

“The caliphate declared by Da’esh, the Arabic term for the ‘Islamic State,’ is not the first Islamic caliphate to assault the West or to spread Islam by the sword. In the first millennium A.D., Islamic forces attacked across North Africa and occupied Spain, Portugal and even a part of France. In the second millennium A.D., a different caliphate was formed and swept into and occupied Greece, the Balkans, and were knocking at the gates of Vienna. This, then, is the Third Millennial Islamic Assault. Do we have the courage to turn back this invasion before it metastasizes? Is Islam the religion of peace and tolerance? Are the recruits to Da’esh simply a lunatic fringe? What will be the most effective strategies to combat the bloodlust of this group?”

Reservations are not required for Thursday’s meeting, which is open to the public, although only 100 seats are available. Pizza, salad and soft drinks will be served.