Intern at Truckee’s Kindred Art and Folk Institute |

Intern at Truckee’s Kindred Art and Folk Institute

Nicole Ashton Martin
Special to the Sun

Kindred Art and Folk Institute recognizes on-the-job experience can play an important role in advancing self confidence, careers of arts, nonprofit and cultural leaders.

Likewise, we know our organization benefits from the creativity and curiosity of students and professionals who get involved with the community. We hope to create relationships that last well beyond any single project or season.

When individuals are given the opportunity to express themselves in a safe environment where all thoughts are embraced, conceptual thoughts are allowed to come full circle, giving individuals another prospective on themselves and the community.

This is a vital piece of the puzzle for our society.

To embrace this notion as a community is what Kindred is all about. Kindred offers a wide variety of sessions for all ages using multiple mediums so students are able to experience many different avenues and create to new ones together.

Kindred is now accepting applications for internships. Interns will act as advanced students, studio helpers during session and ambassadors during community events. Interns will be involved with ongoing programs, special events and community out reach.

Applicants should be passionate about and excel in the arts and able to dedicate at least one regularly scheduled day each week.

To apply, submit a short essay about community and why you believe you would be a positive role model and mentor. You may also submit a visual piece.

Please submit via email at

For more information visit or like us on Facebook.

Nicole Ashton Martin is the founder/creative director of Kindred Art and Folk Institute, located at Community Art Center, 10046 Church St. in Truckee.