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IVGID board OKs 3-year contract extension for GM Pinkerton

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You can watch a recording of the July 27 IVGID meeting on its live stream page at bit.ly/2aJo6v4.

The next IVGID Board of Trustees meeting is its monthly retreat will be held at 2 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 4, at The Chateau. According to the agenda, the board is expected to discuss two items — recent Nevada Open Meeting Law Training given by District General Counsel Jason Guinasso; and a verbal review of Pre-Audit Budget Results for Fiscal Year 2015-2016 from District General Manager Steve Pinkerton.

The board’s next regular meeting is set for Aug. 24 at The Chateau; the agenda is not yet available. Visit bit.ly/1OCTI2M to download agendas and for IVGID meeting updates.

INCLINE VILLAGE, Nev. — Incline Village/Crystal Bay residents were treated to a somewhat mellow and positive 3-hour IVGID Board of Trustees meeting on July 27, even with nine items on the agenda.

Below is a recap of some highlights from the district’s July regular meeting:

Update on Aaron Katz vs. IVGID litigation

Item I promptly got moved to the top agenda, in which District General Counsel Jason Guinasso gave a report to the IVGID Board about the next steps in the Aaron Katz vs. IVGID litigation.

Recently, Washoe County Judge Patrick Flanagan ruled that Aaron Katz owed IVGID over $225,000 in attorney fees to account for the years of abuse and fraudulent claims he has bestowed on IVGID staff and board members.

Guinasso followed up with saying, “IVGID was successful in getting all 24 claims dismissed. I feel we have no choice but to pursue the fees and costs at a quarter of a million dollars. The judge highlighted that there were a lot of people who were affected by Katz’s actions.”

Guinasso did question whether this kind of result chills citizens’ ability to speak their mind and voice opinions against government, but he said that this was not the case.

“It’s this one person’s unique abusive behavior that has led to this action,” said Guinasso, adding that IVGID currently is awaiting a concluding judgment, considering Katz made a motion to appeal, which will go before Judge Flanagan.

In the first public comment period of the July 27 meeting, residents and former board members commended the board and staff for their tenacity and perseverance in defending the litigation.

Chairwoman Kendra Wong said, “Thank you to staff who did an absolute phenomenal job in dealing with a difficult person.”

Katz and his wife, Judy Miller — who is a candidate for the IVGID Board of Trustees this November — were not present at the meeting.

Board approves Debt Management Policy

General Business item 1 addressed the review, discussion and approval of the District Debt Management Policy, Five Year Capital Improvement Plan and Five Year Project and Funding Summaries for the 2016-17 fiscal year, which had to be filed with the Nevada Department of Taxation by July 31.

Although some residents on July 27 expressed the debt management policy should go to public vote, Wong said the board already approved the debt management policy in a previous meeting and that these documents must be filed with the state.

In previous discussions about bond management, which began last fall, the board talked about:

20-year bond maturity considerations,

flow of resources that spans several fiscal years and affect project planning, acquisition and debt repayment,

asset replacement funding and a strategy to coordinate bonding to help with efficiencies in the payment of projects,

specific capital improvement projects; and

current examples of asset replacement funding.

This annual filing is due by July 31 for it to coincide with the Washoe County Debt Commission’s 2016-17 fiscal year agenda.

“The District is required to follow this policy, and this is a reinstatement of what previous boards decided,” IVGID General Manager Steve Pinkerton said at the meeting. “We didn’t issue any debt in the previous year, and we don’t plan to issue any debt in the next fiscal year.”

The District Debt Management Policy was approved 4-1, with Trustee Tim Callicrate voting against.

Board OKs Community Services Master Plan contract in 5-0 vote

General Business item 6 began with a presentation about the Community Services Master Plan by IVGID Community Services Director Sharon Heider, asking the board to approve a design services contract with the firm Design Workshop in the amount of $215,835.

The scope of work includes the assessment of recreation facilities including: Diamond Peak Ski Resort, Championship and Mountain Golf Courses, Tennis Center, Aspen Grove, fields/parks, and open space.

“This is a rigorous plan for the next 10-15 years,” Heider said. “A lot has already been completed, but we need to look at the current community and trends, the relevancy of activities. We are in the midst of negotiating the scope of work for the next 18 months to two years.”

She added that Design Workshop is a nationally recognized firm that understands the Incline-Crystal Bay community. It was involved in the last Community Services Master Plan process back in 2000.

“Design Workshop is one of the best in the country; I am ready to support moving forward with this,” said Callicrate.

Heider added that whereas the Diamond Peak Master Plan is specific to that venue, the Community Services Master Plan gives the opportunity to discuss all the elements within the town and will help in realizing what this community values first.

“The Diamond Peak Master Plan is specific to that operation, whereas this is for the entire District,” Pinkerton said. “We will have far more public outreach than we ever had in regards to this plan. In creating a Communication Coordinator position, we knew that we would need someone full-time dedicated to these plans.”

Now that the contract has been approved, IVGID staff will begin a strategy of hosting focus groups, sending out surveys and evaluating the existing facilities, programs and trends.

Following public outreach, IVGID will prepare a conceptual plan and then move forward with a master plan dissemination and presenting it to the board for approval.

“Since this is such a large process, we will be coming back to the board,” said Heider.

Now that the contract has been approved, IVGID will be reaching out to the community and hosting public workshops as well as talking to current user groups in youth sports, people who frequent the trail system, open space, parks, Recreation Center programming, and indoor facilities.

“I’m extremely excited to approve this; it will have far more impact on this community than anything that has come before the board,” said Trustee Jim Hammerel.

If anyone is interested in being involved in these focus groups, email CSMP@ivgid.org.

Pinkerton performance review, contract extension

General Business items 8 and 9 addressed General Manager Steve Pinkerton’s annual performance review, along with a recommendation to renew and extend his contract for another three years, with an end date of April 27, 2020.

“I’ve always felt that Steve was moving us forward all the time,” said Trustee Phil Horan. “Although he wears me out with all of his data sometimes, he instills confidence with his senior staff. This has been a difficult time politically and I’ve been confident that he’s making us a better district.”

Wong said that based on the collective evaluations, it looks like Pinkerton is meeting all of the criteria.

Callicrate, meanwhile, expressed that it may be more prudent to review the general manager’s contract on a yearly basis.

“That is where I disagree with (Tim),” Wong said.

She said that given the constant turnover in the board, IVGID needs a consistent general manager who sticks it through, and if he’s not meeting expectations, then the board has the ability to take action.

“If we get into a revolving general manager, then we’re going down a slippery slope,” Horan added.

The board approved the general manager’s performance review with a “meets requirements” rating, and OK’d the contract extension to run through April 2020.

Kayla Anderson is an Incline Village-based freelance writer with a background in marketing and journalism. She loves sharing stories about Lake Tahoe and her community. Have a story idea? Email her at kaylaanderson1080@gmail.com.

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