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IVGID GM’s Corner: We love hearing from you

Steve Pinkerton

In fact, we don’t always wait until you contact us.

You likely have been the recipient of one of the surveys that we’ve sent out over the past few years.

We’ve asked how you feel about our ordinances, the conditions of our facilities and our customer service. One survey was specific to Ordinance 7, another was focused on the beaches and yet another was focused on all of our services.

The latter two surveys were sent to all property owners while the former was sent to a mailing list of interested parties, and any others who heard about the survey and contacted us.

While we received an adequate sample size from each survey, none of the surveys were fully statistically valid surveys. Statistically valid surveys are sent out to a random selection of property owners instead of those who self select to take a survey. In addition, with a statistically valid survey, there is follow up with potential respondents to ensure a diverse set of voices are heard. While our other surveys have been generally representative of our property owners, they have skewed a bit towards those who live here and but not necessarily those who actively use our facilities.

We recently sent out yet another survey, this one as part of our Community Services Master Plan. As part of the Master Plan process, we wanted to make sure that we were able to assess the wants and needs of all of our owners–and we decided to conduct a statistically valid survey as the first part of that process. I realize that some folks feel excluded if they don’t have the opportunity to participate in the survey. In fact, we’ve already heard from some of those that weren’t randomly selected to receive a survey.

We have let those folks know that this survey is just one of many tools we are using to gain community input for the Master Plan. Most importantly, all members will be able to take the survey. There will be an online survey available for those who are not part of the random sample. We are also emailing the survey to all owners who have previously supplied us with an email address. This online survey should be available the first week of May. We will then be able to compare the responses between the online survey and the randomly selected survey.

If you want to be sure to receive the survey, just send me your email address (info@ivgid.org).

I should also point out that we have a very robust public participation plan in addition to the survey. We had a very well-attended public meeting on November 30, where all attendees were able to participate in an electronic survey that evening. Attendees were also able to provide feedback to staff and consultants at a series of workstations which focused on different District services.

We are also having another Community Meeting on June 24 at 10 a.m. at the Recreation Center. We will also be having additional meetings on the Community Services Master Plan later in the year.

All of this input will be gathered and be incorporated into the final Plan. There is no one meeting, survey or other data point that will dictate the recommendations of the final plan. The final plan will be a result of all the feedback we receive from the community during this very detailed, lengthy and comprehensive process.

It will provide a blueprint for how you would like your resources allocated over the next decade.

Since these are community resources, we want to make sure the plan is representative of everyone in the community, so all of these public participation initiatives are an attempt to make sure that everyone’s voice is heard.

To learn more about the Community Services Master Plan, go to the following link on our website: https://www.yourtahoeplace.com/ivgid/resources/community-services-master-plan

If you are interested in the results of our Community Survey, conducted in October of 2016, you can go to this link: https://www.yourtahoeplace.com/ivgid/resources/presentations and you can read more about it in my February 2, 2017 column: https://www.sierrasun.com/news/opinion/ivgid-gms-corner-thanks-for-taking-part-in-community-survey/

And if you have any other questions or comments, be sure to email me at sjp@ivgid.org

“GM’s Corner” is a recurring column from IVGID General Manager Steve Pinkerton, who discusses issues and offers updates regarding various district matters. He may be reached for comment at sjp@ivgid.org.

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