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IVGID Tip: Find extra distance in your golf game

Michael McCloskey demonstrates the correct way to perform a T-spine matrix stretch.
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We all want to hit the golf ball farther. As golf professionals, it is the top request that we receive when giving lessons.

In the golf swing, power is generated by the combination of range of motion and strength. Most golfers emphasize muscle strengthening, but a stronger muscle will become a tighter muscle if an appropriate stretching program is not included.

The two areas of focus for better flexibility for golf are the hips and thoracic spine. The thoracic spine area, or T-spine, is the upper and middle portion of your spine. Here are some quick and easy exercises to loosen up these areas.

Start with a simple T-spine matrix stretch using your golf club. Grab a golf club and hold it out in front of you with both hands, arms completely extended.

Take a wide athletic stance and rotate your hips slowly from one side to the other while keeping your arms fully extended.

Most golfers place the club behind their head and do the same rotation; by doing the exercise this way, you are not engaging the rotation in the T-spine.

You can also increase flexibility and strength at the gym or at home with a medicine ball.

Grab a medicine ball and stand 4-5 feet away from an open wall. Hold the medicine ball with both hands and hang your arms like you would with a golf club.

Swing the medicine ball halfway back and then throw the ball at the wall as if you were taking a half golf swing. Repeat the process with four sets of ten.

Together, strength and flexibility will generate greater power in your golf swing and more yards down the fairway.

The golf professionals at Incline Village are always willing to work with you to ensure you’re having fun with the sport and improving your golf game as your body and skill levels change. Stop by the golf shops or call 775-832-1146 to schedule a lesson this fall.

“Tip of the week” is a bi-weekly feature running in the North Lake Tahoe Bonanza, in partnership with the Incline Village General Improvement District, providing locals with various tips pertaining to the recreation opportunities and services the district provides. This tip was provided by Michael McCloskey, senior head golf professional for IVGID.

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