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IVGID Tip: Spring into fitness

It looks like the Tahoe “snowmageddon” is finally coming to an end. While all the snow this winter motivated some to get out and play, other locals went into hibernation mode. If you fall into the latter category, below are a few tips to get back into a spring fitness routine.

Slow but steady

Don’t succumb to the weekend warrior syndrome or push yourself to attempt hard workouts every day. Try to get exercise four times per week on alternate days. If you took the winter off, don’t expect to be back to peak fitness in a week. Remember that increasing training (mileage, time, amount of classes, or amount of weight lifted) more than 10 percent per week increases your risk of injury.

Avoid all-out efforts until you build a solid base

Depending upon how much inactivity you had over the winter, it could take as long as six weeks to re-establish a solid fitness base. Start with slow, steady aerobic sessions. When you add intervals or all-out efforts, make sure you allow rest and recovery time (at least 24 hours) between those difficult training days.

Don’t exercise in pain

As you get back to training, you may have some minor muscle soreness. But if you have sharp, unusual pain, or a soreness that doesn’t go away, slow down and take a day or two off.

Cross train

Varying workouts can improve your performance and reduce the risk of overuse injuries. By participating in a variety of different activities, such as walking, group fitness classes, yoga, weight training, hiking or biking, you limit the stress on one specific muscle group because different activities use muscles in slightly different ways.

Train with others at your fitness level

If you can find a friend or two with the same fitness level and goals as you, it can help keep you progressing at a good pace.

This article was provided by the Incline Village Recreation Center.

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