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IVGID tweaking Tahoe trash law changes amid some frustration

Dogs roam around Monday on the Village Green. Over the years, the Green has become a popular recreation location for both humans and animals.
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By the numbers

Here is what Waste Management issued throughout the Incline Village/Crystal Bay community during the initial roll-out in September:

135: solid waste 32-gallon carts

130: recycling 32-gallon carts

2,640: solid waste 64-gallon carts

2,880: recycling 64-gallon carts

16: solid waste 96-gallon carts

5: recycling 96-gallon carts

INCLINE VILLAGE, Nev. — While talks about Incline Village’s new trash service took up much of last week’s Board of Trustees meeting, a lot of new people were in attendance to voice concerns over use of the Village Green as a dog park.

Over the past few weeks, as summer wound down and fall sports such as soccer kicked off, there has been false information going around town that IVGID is making the Village Green off limits for dogs.

On Sept. 27, a day before the September board meeting, Parks and Recreation Director Indra Winquest released a letter on Facebook, stating, “We want to assure our community that IVGID staff nor the Board of Trustees have any intention of changing the use of the Green as a Dog Park at this time.”

In a resolution that was passed in July 2004, the Village Green was officially designated as a “temporary dog park,” according to the district.

During public comment at the Sept. 28 board meeting, a 43-year resident said she’s been using the “temporary” dog park for over 20 years and she would like to see a more permanent one for her four-legged friends.

According to Winquest’s note, “IVGID is currently working through a Community Services Master Plan process and there is no doubt that a permanent dog park will be identified as a high priority. Until such time that a solution is identified, the Village Green will remain available to dogs off leash with the exception of when there are scheduled activities and events.”

The board took no action on anything related to the Village Green last week.


Recently, IVGID’s new agreement with Waste Management went into effect, and the company last month delivered two standard 64-gallon solid waste bins at every Incline Village/Crystal Bay residence.

Since, some residents have complained about the carts being too large for their single-car garages; issues with the WM phone system when trying to adjust service; and how many trips to the Incline Village transfer station one can take.

WM Area Manager Greg Martinelli attended the Sept. 28 board meeting and said there are always issues that come up during an initial roll-out of this kind, but staff is resolving the problems as fast as they can.

WM didn’t anticipate hiccups with the phone company leading to calls not being answered, Martinelli said, adding that staff has responded to a lot of residents’ concerns via email.

Despite complaints, Martinelli said: “Deployment has gone fairly well; we took care of most of the people who requested smaller carts, but we are about 600 blue lid (recycling) carts short. We will be delivering those (this) week.”

As part of the new agreement, residents will also receive four free trips to the transfer station (“dump vouchers”) for excess trash.


A lot of time was spent revisiting the “Zero Tolerance Policy” as part of Ordinance 1 (IVGID’s trash law), which was also discussed in length at the Sept. 1 Board Retreat.

Since that meeting, IVGID Director of Public Works Joe Pomroy met with the Incline Village Board of Realtors to talk about how trash violations are currently attached to a property, instead of the owner.

The board agreed to a staff-recommended amendment to Ordinance 1 that states that trash offenses to a property will revert back to zero following a change of ownership.

The district further defined what constitutes a violation and how offenses are handled. Here are some important key points:

IVGID law states that bags of yard debris must be put out the day of pickup; otherwise, it’s a violation. However, many residents do their yard cleanup on a certain day all at once and then have nowhere to put their black bags. The board agreed that yard waste should be able to stay out six days within the window of yard waste pickup periods.

Like the standard solid waste carts, wildlife-proof plastic totes must be placed on the curb the day of trash pickup no earlier than 5 a.m. A lot of residents put their wildlife-proof totes out on the curb the night before, which is currently a violation.

Overflowing garbage or additional bags placed next to the solid waste containers will also be a violation.

Pomroy will give an Ordinance 1 Revisions presentation at the next regular monthly IVGID BOT meeting on Oct. 26, and likely set a public hearing date.

Ordinance 7

As the IVGID Recreation Center continues to implement Vermont Systems in processing punch card purchases and picture passes, General Manager Steve Pinkerton says one of the biggest challenges with implementing any kind of POS system within the district is how it works with Ordinance 7.

“How punch cards are used doesn’t match anything that off-the-shelf systems are used to,” he says.

Pinkerton added that he is looking forward to initiating a conversation about Ordinance 7 — and not only talking about beach changes, but how technology also fits into it.

Ordinance 7 is scheduled be discussed at the Tuesday, Oct. 11 IVGID Board Retreat, scheduled for 2 p.m. at The Chateau.

Kayla Anderson is an Incline Village-based freelance writer with a background in marketing and journalism. Email her at kaylaanderson1080@gmail.com.

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