Kings Beach ‘Core’ roadwork to resume soon |

Kings Beach ‘Core’ roadwork to resume soon

Staff report

KINGS BEACH, Calif. — Weather permitting, work on the Kings Beach “Core of the Core” project is anticipated to resume March 30, according to Placer County.

Similar to last season, work will extend from April to June and September to October on Highway 28, shifting into the Grid neighborhood during July and August (peak season).

Crews will begin work just east of Coon Street along the north side of Highway 28 toward the Minnow Street parking lot.

Simultaneously, crews will work just west of Bear Street along the north side of Highway 28, constructing improvements to Deer Street.

Meanwhile, another crew will do the remaining underground drainage work near Secline Street.

Although crews will be working in three separate areas at once, two of the crews will focus on curb, gutter and sidewalk improvements along the shoulder area of Highway 28, according to the county.

Also planned this season is the construction of three parking lots and two permanent bus shelters to replace the temporary shelters at the Chevron Station and in front of the Kings Beach State Recreation Area.

Crews are anticipated to work from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Highway 28 and in The Grid.

Up to 20-minute delays are possible, with no weekend or holiday work planned, according to an earlier report.

Barring any major delays, it’s expected the first phase of the Kings Beach Commercial Core Improvement Project, the Core of the Core, will be completed this fall.

The “Gateway to the Core” is next. Placer County intends to bid that phase this summer, award a contract this fall and carry it out during the 2016 construction season.

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