Letter to the Editor: Gun-free zones are a criminal’s best friend

Once again political correctness raises its ignorant head in the gun debate. Guns do not kill people, people kill people. Period. Where are the stories of the thousands of lives saved by responsible gun owners?

The Sandy Hook shooter was a product of liberal experimentation, part of a generation of young people on psychotropic drugs to correct one of the myriad number of made up psychosis. Let’s not discipline our children, but rather put them on drugs so they behave properly.

The shooter did not use an AR15 semi auto rifle in the shooting. It was locked in the trunk of his car. He used handguns to shoot his victims. Yes it a tragedy when anyone is killed by a mentally ill person, or a criminal for that matter. But the liberals are politicizing this terrible incident to usurp the rights of legitimate gun owners by taking away their rifles. Lets get back to helping the mentally ill with proper treatment, not feeding them mind bending drugs that only exacerbate the problems.

Lets not repeat history by disarming the common people. It has never worked and never will. Just ask anyone from East Germany or Hungary or Cuba or North Korea.

I agree we should have reasonable safe sound gun control, but when we get caught up in an emotional hysteria, we do not solve the problem.

Does any rational thinking person believe that criminals will give up their guns willingly? I think not.

Bob Revai


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