Meet and greet, vote with your feet in Truckee |

Meet and greet, vote with your feet in Truckee

Eve McEneaney
Special to the Sun
"The Middle of Everywhere" by Wonderheads actors Emily Windler and Kate Braidwood have a moment together.
Courtesy Andrew Phoenix |

If you are a charitable person, you probably receive multiple requests for donations.

Some come in the mail, some by email and some over the phone. It can be overwhelming. A person only has so much bandwidth for processing all these requests for support.

One thing to remember — there are simple, no-brainer ways you can help. Let me explain.

In my other life as an anthropologist, I studied under Dr. Richard Lee, who is well-known for his work with Ju/hoansi, also known as The !Kung San. They are the Botswana tribe made famous by the movie, “The Gods Must Be Crazy.”


When I studied with Dr. Lee, I learned about one of the cultural norms for which The !Kung San are known — “Vote With Your Feet.”

Voting with your feet means when you have a problem with someone or something in the tribe, you simply solve the problem by walking away — literally moving to a new location.

It has occurred to me many times Americans should do more voting with their feet and less talking and complaining with their mouths.

Now that I have made it my life’s work to provide access to cultural experiences, rather than study them, I would like to propose a new way to “Vote With Your Feet.”

Vote with your feet by attending an event.


Arts For The Schools invites you to vote with your feet Friday, Sept. 26.

Meet AFTS members at New Moon Natural Foods in Truckee for a pre-show beer and cider tasting. Then, walk over to Truckee High School at 7 p.m. and see “The Middle of Everywhere” by Wonderheads, a multi-award winning physical theatre company specializing in mask performance and exquisite visual storytelling, according to

Voting with your feet is a simple yet powerful way to show a nonprofit you care.

Events are a special way both the donor and the nonprofit staff can make a show of solidarity around a cause. For the nonprofit staff that works tireless all year long it is powerful and meaningful when folks show up to our events.

It’s a reminder that people care and want to get involved.

For a charitable donor it can be an opportunity to connect with the folks they entrust with their donations and a reminder of why they started supporting a particular nonprofit in the first place. For a new donor it can be a personal introduction to the cause.

So the next time you’re thinking about how you can support one of those nonprofits knocking on your door, “Vote With Your Feet.” Just show up, be present and have a good time.


Arts For the Schools is a bi-state nonprofit that provides art education to 16 schools in Placer and Nevada counties and Washoe County in Nevada. AFTS’s vision is for art education to be part of every child’s life and for the value of art education to be embraced as an important learning experience within schools and community. For more information on programs visit

Eve McEneaney is the executive director of Arts for the Schools. She may be reached at or call 530-582-8278.