Meet Your Merchant | Invisible fence brand keeps pets safe, gives owners peace of mind |

Meet Your Merchant | Invisible fence brand keeps pets safe, gives owners peace of mind

Jenny Luna
Special to the Sun
As Invisible Fence of the Sierras grows, owner Ken Hopper hopes to open an office in Reno and South Tahoe.
Courtesy Jenny Luna |

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TAHOE/TRUCKEE, Calif. — In an area with many dogs and not so many fences, Invisible Fence Brand has proven to be a helpful solution for pet owners in Truckee Tahoe. The fencing keeps animals safe, said Invisible Fence of the Sierras owner Kenneth Hopper, but it also helps owners feel more at ease.

“It’s your peace of mind knowing that your dog isn’t going to take off,” Kenneth said.

Ken and his dog Brandy’s success with Invisible Fence Brand was enough to convince the Bay Area native to buy into the business in January of last year. Although still growing in the Western United States, Ken said Invisible Fence Brand is widely used in other parts of the country.

“Back in the southern states it’s like McDonald’s,” Ken said. “Everybody has it!”

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“I’m all about showing the community that Invisible Fence is not just about correcting their animal, we’re there to save their animal and keep them safe.”
Ken Hopper
owner of Invisible Fence of the Sierras

Ken feels an obligation to show people who feel invisible fencing and correction training for animals is unethical the true benefits both pets and pet owners. Electric fences and intense shock collars are days of the past, he said.

“I’m all about showing the community that Invisible Fence is not just about correcting their animal, we’re there to save their animal and keep them safe.”


The corrections given to the animal through the collar can range from a slight tap to a feeling similar to a bee sting. The level of correction is controlled by Invisible Fence Brand and can only be increased when clients contact Ken.

Although most dogs do test the system everyday, it doesn’t take long for them to learn their boundaries.

“You never want your dog to think that you gave them the correction,” Ken said. “It has to be his own mistake, that’s how he’ll learn.”

After installing Invisible Fence Brand, Ken works extensively with the pets to show them their new boundaries in a backyard. He also works with pet owners to ensure they can continue showing their animals their allotted space.

“The training is more important than the system installed,” Ken said. “If you do it wrong they’re not going to want to go out in the yard — you’re going to confuse them.” Ken then gives each client what he calls “homework” of continually working with pets after the installation of Invisible Fence Brand. Instructing pet owners to not call their pets past the wire, but to instead show them where the boundaries are, will lead to success.

“Dogs will hold it against you if they think it’s you putting them in that predicament,” Ken said.


Ken loves animals and comes from a long line of animal lovers. His mother, once a breeder of parrots, is starting a reality show called “Catopia” with her exotic cat breeds. Ken said he grew up around animals and can’t imagine a life without pets.

“I’m nowhere near a dog whisperer but I have been with thousands and thousands of dogs and cats,” he said.

Since taking over Invisible Fence of the Sierras, Ken has never been bitten by an animal. The animals, he believes, sense he is there for their well-being.

“It’s about keeping dogs safe and they can sense that,” he said. “You see how happy the dogs are once they learn the perimeter of their property.”


Invisible Fence Brand is constantly upgrading and innovating within the industry. Outdoor routers disguised as rocks are used to maintain the aesthetics of a garden while still keeping animals out. The portal router also has other uses. Being a lover of the outdoors, Ken said he brings his set up camping. The false rock router allows Brandy to walk around the campground without wandering too far away.

“It only takes a couple of minutes to set up and your dogs are safe,” Ken said.

Arlene Morero, owner of Scraps Dog Bakery in Truckee, had Invisible Fence Brand installed at her shop on Donner Pass Road last summer. With the system, Arlene is able to keep the shop doors open and not worry about her pets.

“If one of my dogs decides he wants to chase another dog out on the sidewalk it could be dangerous,” Arlene said.

Arlene success story is one of many. Ken considers each family and each pet that he helps as be a success for Invisible Fence Brand.

“Invisible Fence success stories are not only for the pets but for the people,” Ken said. “They’re no longer pulling their hair out because Fido ran down the street.”

Ken looks forward to training his first employee with Invisible Fence of the Sierras this summer. Since taking over the business, Ken has had his heart set on getting a blue Queensland heeler as his second in command. The intelligent animals are often used to help train other dogs by herding them and showing them the perimeter of the property after Invisible Fence Brand has been installed.

Jenny Luna is a freelance reporter for the North Lake Tahoe Bonanza and Sierra Sun newspapers. She may be reached at


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