My Turn: Canyon Springs development would ruin Eastern Truckee

TRUCKEE, Calif. – To all who are concerned:In support of SOS Glenshire and their efforts to preserve Eastern Truckee, I am writing this letter expressing one Truckee resident’s point of view on the proposed Canyon Springs build-out of 185 parcels next to the Mt. Rose Wilderness.All reasons to abandon Canyon Springs development in Glenshire/Eastern Truckee are clearly evident. Looking at the big picture of continual ghost development of other subdivisions such as Gray’s Crossing, Elkhorn Ridge and The Bluffs, hundreds of homes sit vacant. Neighborhoods that perhaps opposed the build-out of their respective area were not listened to. Again, concerned voices from our community speak out with valid issues that say “listen, look around, respect our community and its inhabitants – the wildlife.” We are their voice.The impact of Canyon Springs would definitely be negative in all pertinent aspects: continued increase of construction traffic noise; air pollution; obvious undesirable increase in parcels (185); and a possible increase in vehicle traffic at an estimated 1,700 additional trips in and out of Glenshire.Living on Glenshire drive on Buckhorn Ridge, the amount of vehicles that already travel in an out of Glenshire is abundant, not to mention the big 18-wheel trucks that evade the border agricultural station.An additional 1,700 vehicle trips is incomprehensible. It is abundantly clear that with all this evidence against Canyon Springs, our quality of life would decline.Interestingly enough, Canyon Springs has been a subdivision named and renamed in hope of development over the past 20 years; every submittal has been denied or withdrawn. Why continue to attempt this build-out when all the negative impact is clear?Preserving this land as vital open space makes far more sense – imagine if the land was truly a spring of open space were wildlife and humans roamed within its canyon wealth. Infrastructure costs would not increase and property values would not decrease. There would not be 1,700 additional vehicular trips in and out of Glenshire. Construction noise would not be present; the eyesore of 185 extra ghostly parcels would be invisible and non-existent.Lastly, and so important, our wildlife – we are their voice, and the Mt. Rose Wilderness is their home. For the cougars, the bobcats, herds of mule deer, fawn, red-tail hawks and their hatchlings, eagles, bears bathing in springs and more that I come in contact with on my long distance runs into the forest near our home, I speak. They have minimal human contact – Eastern Truckee and the Mt. Rose Wilderness is their last frontier.We, as members of our small community, are responsible for sustainable growth and impact on our world around us.Martha L. Janer is a Truckee resident who’s lived in Glenshire since 1995.

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