My Turn: Why Canyon Springs meetings are being held at Town Hall |

My Turn: Why Canyon Springs meetings are being held at Town Hall

Tony Lashbrook
Special to the Sun

TRUCKEE, Calif. – The Town has received several requests both directly and indirectly (via letters to the editor) to conduct public meetings related to the proposed Canyon Springs development in Glenshire instead of at Town Hall. While our practice is not to reply to letters to the editor, I believe a Town response could be helpful in this instance.

The Town of Truckee promotes neighborhood discussions between developers and the adjacent neighborhood as early as possible in the process when project plans are still being developed and refined. Such informal discussions often lead to early design changes that effectively address neighborhood issues.

The Town actively promotes such discussions and functions as a facilitator but cannot force developers and neighborhoods to work cooperatively. Meetings were held in Glenshire on early versions of the Canyon Springs development. At this point, the Canyon Springs development team has requested a final decision based upon their current project design.

With Canyon Springs, we are now in the formal portion of project review. The Town’s role is to function more like a judge to ensure that the California Environmental Quality Act is complied with, that the project receives a fair hearing with the ultimate decision based upon the project’s consistency with the Truckee General Plan and Development Code and the interests of the entire Truckee community. Information used in this decision-making process must be in the formal public record for this project.

All meetings now are official Town business and are conducted at Town Hall because it contains all of the video and voice recording equipment necessary to ensure a legally adequate public record. Town Hall is located roughly in the geographic center of Truckee and is equally accessible to the entire community.

The Town is committed to a transparent process in the consideration of Canyon Springs. The comment period on the draft Environmental Impact Report is 31 days longer than the 45-day minimum required by the California Environmental Quality Act. The Town staff stands ready to answer your questions or provide information based upon your request. In addition we are posting all relevant information on the Town website for all to view.

I strongly encourage all interested parties to review and submit written comments on the DEIR to the Town prior to the March 6, 2013 comment deadline. In addition, once public hearings are set to consider approval or denial of Canyon Springs, please make plans to come to Town Hall to state your position and/or concerns to the Truckee Planning Commission. I guarantee the Town will be listening.

Tony Lashbrook is town manager of the town of Truckee.

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