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Spring equinox: the growth of light

Feel again the cycles of the universe, the coming of the sun.
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Spring Equinox Dance

When: March 21, 7-9 p.m.

Where: InnerRhythms, Soulwise Movement Medicine

Why: Revitalization of the Earth warming to the sun

More info: http://www.sierraconsciousdance.com

TAHOE/TRUCKEE, Calif. — Every day I notice little things that announce we are nearing the spring equinox.

Even during a normal winter, when the earth is blanketed with snow, the arrival of spring is noticeable. For me it’s the light. It becomes easier to wake up in the morning when the early eastern light illuminates my room. I notice the extended daylight in the evening as I arrive home and can enjoy time outside.

Living near the Truckee river, there are many signs that announce the spring. The water level rises. Little furry pods on the willow branches burst out of nowhere. The song birds are in surround sound, and the ducks and geese lounge on the shore. This year, a strange winter indeed, I currently have tiny daffodils in full bloom and the robins have come to feast on the leftover crab apples from last fall.

Besides noticing the signs of the season changing, what does the spring equinox symbolize for us, and how do we relate to the time of year that brings us equal darkness and light?

Human beings have an interconnected relationship with the seasons and our own cycles of developmental growth. It is the time of rebirth and renewal. Spring can evoke an excitement of new growth and coming to life after a long cold winter. It is a time for planting and of the greening of the Earth.

The spring equinox is an astrological event that occurs on March 20 this year. It is the time when the day and night are nearly equal in length and the sun appears to cross the celestial equator as it heads north.

The process of the solstices and equinoxes represents the journey one makes with the cosmic sun toward enlightenment.

At the autumn equinox, the growth of darkness in the world, a spiritually ready individual descends to the underworld and overcomes their own darkness.

At the winter solstice, the darkest point, the cosmic sun is born within a person and helps raise a person up.

At the spring equinox, the tipping point between light and darkness, the person with the sun within faces their greatest adversities, but once overcome, moves forward to an increasing light, just as the sun works in the world, before reaching the summer solstice — the greatest time of light — the individual’s enlightenment.


It is a time of death and resurrection of many world deities. This is the time of the betrayal, death and resurrection of Jesus. In ancient Egypt the spring equinox is the time of the betrayal and death of Osiris, and his resurrection as the god Horus. In Mesoamerica it’s the time when Quetzalcoatl is crucified, dies and later resurrects. It marks the time where Krishna, Attis, Dionysus, Mithras and other deities throughout the world all go through a period of trial, death and resurrection. Many spiritual cultures and civilizations throughout the world have traditions associated with spring equinox.

They have been retained over the years and celebrated through rituals and ceremonies. Christians celebrate Easter, and Passover takes place in the Jewish faith. For Pagans and Wiccans, Ostara is celebrated, which represents the time of planting and the new crop season.

Civilizations aligned themselves to the cosmic principles governing the movements of the universe. They left evidence of incredible mathematical and astronomical knowledge through their sacred sites. In Egypt during the spring equinox, the great sphinx aligns to the rising sun. In Cambodia the temple of Angkor Wat, the largest spiritual monument in the world, is crowned by the rising equinox sun. In Ireland at Carin T in the Neolithic site of Loughcrew, the light of the sunrise shines into the mound’s main chamber, which is built in the shape of a cross. At Chichen Itza in South America, the sun aligns with the pyramid to form an enormous snake’s body using the shadows from the stoned walls.


Our modern society has lost much of it’s connection with these cycles of the universe that drive our spirits. Now we must create our own rituals and ceremonies as we search for meaning through understanding the symbology and myth of our ancestors. As we come upon the spring equinox, we can all connect with the thing that spring brings us all — the revitalization of the Earth as she warms to the brighter sunshine.

Join a Spring Equinox Dance, March 21, 7-9 p.m. at InnerRhythms, located at 12047 Donner Pass Road in Truckee with Soulwise Movement Medicine. Celebrate the coming of the sun. Dance barefoot, in loose clothing for maximum freedom of movement. This drug and alcohol-free space is without observers or conversation, where dancers may explore their boundaries without inhibition.

Visit http://www.sierraconsciousdance.com for more information.

Polly Triplat has spent the last 20 years offering her gifts as a healer in the Lake Tahoe/Truckee region. Originally from Boulder, Colo., Polly has embraced Shamanic healing practices in her massage and visionary craniosacral work and is passionate about re-creating ritual and ceremony in our lives. Polly currently has a healing practice Bodywise Massage in her Truckee home office and is the oncology massage therapist at the Tahoe Forest Cancer Center. She is an earth-spirit dedicated to increasing wellness, community connection, and nurturing the nature of the human spirit. For more information visit http://www.earthspiritbodywise.com or call Polly at 530-412-0774.

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