Sunshine Letter | Mousehole safety Truckee priority |

Sunshine Letter | Mousehole safety Truckee priority

Mousehole safety Truckee priority

I was elated to learn the project bid will soon be going out for the Mousehole improvement project on Highway 89. Since 1928 when it was built, this tunnel has been too dangerously narrow to accommodate modern-day vehicles and pedestrians simultaneously.

Since 1993 when Truckee’s first town council was seated, improving Mousehole safety has been a number one priority for the town of Truckee. Each year, Truckee’s Town Council members have agreed this problem is one of our community’s most grave. Unfortunately, it’s also been the most challenging.

Dedicated former and current staff including Steve Wright, Tony Lashbrook, John McLaughlin and of course Dan Wilkins; as well as our former and current elected representatives; Nevada County; Union Pacific; Caltrans; countless concerned citizens including Parvin Darabi and Denny Dickinson and the Truckee Town Council — together they and so many more have ensured the Mousehole Improvement Project is finally funded.

Innumerable people have worked countless hours in service to our community to ensure that one day soon the Mousehole will be safer. I think I speak for a lot of people when I send out a heartfelt thanks to the following (and their families):

Kathleen Eagan, Breeze Cross, Bob Drake, Gary Botto, Joe Aguerro, Steve Carpenter, Josh Susman, Ron Florian, Maia Schneider, Ted Owens, Craig Threshie, Beth Ingalls, Barbara Green, Richard Anderson, Mark Brown, Carolyn Wallace Dee, Joan deRyk Jones, Patrick Flora, Alicia Barr, and a special remembrance to Don McCormack, who also served at one time on Truckee Town Council.

Thank you for volunteering your time on Truckee Town Council to ensure our community will very soon be exponentially safer. Your legacy is inspiring. You have made a difference!


Anne Grogan

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