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Tahoe-Truckee Bar Association assesses judicial candidates

Staff report

TRUCKEE, Calif. — The Tahoe-Truckee Bar Association recently announced the results of its plebiscite poll, ranking Robert Tice-Raskin to be “Best Qualified” of the two candidates for Nevada County Superior Court Judge in the Nov. 4 election.

Nevada County Assistant District Attorney Anna Ferguson is running against Tice-Raskin.

Earlier this month, the Tahoe-Truckee Bar Association conducted a plebiscite, requesting its members to assess the relative qualifications of the two candidates.

Prior to the plebiscite, the association asked each candidate to provide a brief biography and statement of qualifications. The association also invited the candidates to attend a continuing education event, which Ferguson and Tice-Raskin both attended.

The plebiscite was concluded on Sept. 10; the results were independently tallied and certified by TTBA President Jennifer M. Schaller. The plebiscite reflects an assessment by local attorneys on the judicial qualifications of the two candidates.


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The plebiscite was not an election among members of the association, and does not endorse either candidate. The plebiscite procedure focuses on qualifications from the perspective of a professional association, and does not necessarily reflect how members might vote in an election.

Nine of those responding ranked Tice-Raskin as highly qualified, compared to two such votes for Ferguson. One person rated Tice-Raskin as qualified, versus six votes for Ferguson. One person rated Ferguson as not qualified and one had no opinion.

Of the respondents, 10 voted Tice-Raskin best qualified, and eight voted Ferguson least qualified.