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Tap into your exalted future in Truckee shamanic workshop

"Four Directions" represents the powerful force of North, South, East and West.
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Who: Jeffre TallTrees, Ph.D.

What: Journey Around the Inka Medicine Wheel, May 2-4

Why: Shamanic experience workshop, personal healing

Visit: www.sacredrainbowmesa.com

TAHOE/TRUCKEE, Calif. — Dr. TallTrees is offering a residential 2.5 day workshop to assist attendees in healing their lives.

The Inka Medicine Wheel is an exploration into the nature of time, energy and the essential self. Learning the basic tools of shamanism, such as stepping out of time and shamanic journeying, you can experience the mystery of creation and the ecstasy of life.

Are you living your destiny?

What does that even mean?

Most modern humans live being pushed by their past into an existence of settling for less than they are. Learn to tap into your exalted future as a new species, energetic light beings, and allow that vision to pull you into the future with new hope and health.

Redefine who you are, reweaving the threads of your life and creating the life you choose. Find your purpose of life and the journey of magic and mystery.


The Inka Medicine Wheel is a very old map to the rediscovery of personal and planetary soul. During the entire course of 1.5 years, participants will receive all of the Inka traditional rites of shamanic initiation. Participants will create their own medicine bag and learn new and deep ways of touching and feeling Spirit. Taste your destiny and redefine who you are and prepare to live differently, age differently and die differently.

This first class is the South Direction of the great Medicine Wheel.

It is a deep personal healing while transforming your wounds into sources of power and compassion. Discover knowledge is so much more than mere information. Experience the process of perception as the fundamental truth and honor our heart’s perception as valid and real.

The South class is 2.5 days, from noon on Friday to Sunday at 5 p.m., May 2-4, at 14165 Copenhagen Drive in Truckee. Call 530-587-1333 or visit http://www.sacredrainbowmesa.com for more information.

Dr. Jeffre TallTrees is a nurse, a psychologist, a tantric master and a shaman/paqo. She has taught for the Four Winds Society for eight years.