The top five online: Tahoe-Truckee’s most-read stories, May 25-31 |

The top five online: Tahoe-Truckee’s most-read stories, May 25-31

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A biker pedals up Highway 267 on Thursday afternoon.

TAHOE-TRUCKEE, Calif. — Below is a recap of the top stories from May 25-31 at

1. Looking for love: Bear tries to make new friends (VIDEO)

A South Lake Tahoe Bear hopped a fence on Memorial Day into a backyard he thought was occupied by other bears. I turned out to be a trio of bear figurines, and the animal's curious reaction was caught on tape.

Originally published: Wednesday, May 27

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2. California's 3-foot bicycle law figures to play role at Truckee-Tahoe

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California adopted a law that went into effect last September, requiring drivers to stay at least 3 feet away when passing bicyclists on public roads. This story quoted Tahoe-Truckee cyclists and law enforcement officials, who discussed the law's potential impact while reminding locals that cyclists have to follow road laws, too.

Originally published: Friday, May 29

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3. Battle over bears heats up once again at Lake Tahoe

Former Republican state senator William O'Donnell's request for a protective order against the BEAR League, its founder Ann Bryant and four others was considered at a hearing last Wednesday in Incline Village Justice Court.

Justice of the Peace E. Alan Tiras denied the request from O'Donnell, who said bear protection advocates had been harassing him since he initiated efforts to trap a bear that damaged his vacation home.

Originally published: Wednesday, May 25

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4. Major Lake Tahoe wildfire disaster drill Saturday 'a big deal'

This story talked about the need for people at the Tahoe region to be prepared, while previewing a major mock evacuation drill conduced this past weekend by the North lake Tahoe fire Protection District, in partnership with several agencies and organizations, in Incline Village.

Originally published: Wednesday, May 25

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5. Authorities: Masked gunman robs another North Tahoe pharmacy

Authorities are asking for help in identifying a man suspected in several armed robberies of regional pharmacies, including the Rite Aid in Kings Beach on May 16 and Village Pharmacy in Incline Village on March 24.

No one was hurt in any of the robberies,. The gunman is described about 6 feet tall with dark hair.

Anyone with information about the Kings Beach robbery is asked to contact PCSO Det. Sage Bourassa at 530-581-6322.

Originally published: Monday, May 25

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