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‘Total Skiing,’ ‘Nazi and the Psychiatrist’ have Truckee connection

Teri Andrews Rinne
Special to the Sun

TRUCKEE, Calif. — Two recent acquisitions in our adult non-fiction section caught my eye on the new books bookcase.

The first book, “Total Skiing,” sports a “local author” sticker; the second is “The Nazi and the Psychiatrist,” which I knew my teenage daughter would devour with her passion for psychology and her fascination with Nazism.

While it seemed as if these two books had nothing in common with each other, it turns out that they actually do. It’s the Truckee connection!

Obviously, Chris Fellows’ “Total Skiing” has Truckee and Tahoe written all over it, literally and figuratively. While much of the outdoor action shots feature local ski resorts, even the indoor photo shoots were done just down the street at the Tahoe Forest Center for Health and Sports Performance.

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As founder of the Truckee-based North American Ski Training Center (NASTC), Fellows is uniquely qualified to write a book about skiing. He takes his decades of experience as a renowned ski instructor and presents a cogent and analytical approach to help you become a better skier.

Fellows uses his proven pyramid program for accessing your skill level. The four-level performance pyramid is displayed as an isosceles triangle, with a base block of functional movement, a center block of fitness, and two upper blocks of ski techniques and tactics.

“The pyramid’s four levels represent an important cause-and-effect dynamic in skiing,” explains Fellows. “The block of functional movement serves as the foundation on which the blocks of fitness, technique, and tactics are built. Although all these components are quite different, they are linked by how well the body moves and reacts under the demands of the performance environment, whether in the gym or the ski slope.”

While I am more of a cross country skier, who also happens to be the parent of an elite runner, I can clearly see the universal applicability and importance of a foundation of functional fitness to any athletic endeavor.

If you want to take your downhill skiing to the next level and avoid injury in the process, I strongly recommend you check this book out from the Truckee Library and see how it’s done. But I will warn you, you will then realize you need to buy the book as a personal reference for years to come.


Would you believe the psychiatrist in “The Nazi and the Psychiatrist” is buried in the Sierra Mountains Cemetery at the end of Jibboom Street above downtown Truckee?

“The Nazi and the Psychiatrist” tells the true story of Dr. Douglas M. Kelley, who served as the army psychiatrist of Nazis awaiting trial in Nuremberg at the end of WWII.

Kelley set out to determine whether there was a distinguishing trait among the Nazis that would mark them as psychologically different from the rest of humanity.

Sadly, he did not.

Instead, he developed a special relationship with and even an admiration for Hermann Goring, Hitler’s designated successor.

So what is Kelley’s connection to Truckee beyond his final resting place?

He is a grandson of Charles F. McGlashan, early Truckee luminary, chronicler of the Donner Party and butterfly collector extraordinaire, who resided in a mansion adjacent to the Rocking Stone above downtown Truckee. McGlashan’s butterfly collection museum was perched on top of the Rocking Stone itself.

While Kelley resided primarily in the Bay Area throughout much of his life, his heart belonged in Truckee, where he spent many childhood vacations and where he later brought his own family to spend summers on Donner Lake.

While there is might be little of Kelley’s complicated mind and life that we can easily relate to, we can all understand his where he heart was. This fascinating study lends credence to the “truth is stranger than fiction” adage.

Teri Andrews Rinne is the children’s services librarian at the Truckee Library, 10031 Levon Ave. Call 530-582-7846 or visit http://www.mynevadacounty.com/library.


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