Transit tax added to Joerger Ranch properties |

Transit tax added to Joerger Ranch properties

Hannah Jones

Truckee Town Council took steps to place a transit tax on the Joerger Ranch properties, a planned community which includes the Soaring Ranch project and the development of a Raley’s grocery store.

The area includes four parcels of land at the intersection of Highway 267, Soaring Way and Brockway Road. A specific plan for the Joerger Ranch was approved by council in 2015 and includes mixed uses of land such as commercial spaces and housing.

In 2016 the council established a Community Facilities District to fund the maintenance of the bike trails proposed within and adjacent to the site. As an additional CFD is required to fund ongoing transit to the area the council is working to amend the original trail maintenance district to include the transit tax.

Plans for development of the area were first presented to neighbors in 2005. A plan wasn’t adopted by the council until years later following the review of an Environmental Impact Report.

In March this year the town council approved the development of a Raley’s grocery store at Soaring Ranch, located adjacent to the Truckee Tahoe Airport. The building would also house service companies such as banks, insurance agencies, real estate offices, cleaners or pharmacies, with 150 affordable housing units, according to Art Chapman, the developer behind the project. The project is currently tied up in a lawsuit which argues against the town’s decision to approve it.

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