Trout Unlimited de-trashes the Truckee River |

Trout Unlimited de-trashes the Truckee River

David Lass
Special to the Sun
Trout Unlimited volunteer "Shooter" is committed to cleaning up local waters for everyone to enjoy.
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There are record numbers of visitors in the North Lake Tahoe region this summer. And for good reason.

The North Tahoe-Truckee area has enjoyed great weather, no fires and a laundry list of events to attend from Wanderlust and Brewfest to Truckee Thursdays. Let’s keep that fun going.

Unfortunately, a lot of summer fun also means a lot of trash. Waste has accumulated along rivers, streams and lakes this season; tons of it to be specific. We live in North Tahoe/Truckee because it’s beautiful, and tourists come from all over the globe for this same reason.

Trash and beauty don’t mix.

The Truckee River Trout Unlimited Chapter, led by Four Seasons Fly Fishing owner Brian Slusser, aimed to do something July 22 about the clutter on the Truckee River. A number of TU volunteers focused their attention near the old Boca Brewery site, close to the confluence of the Truckee and Little Truckee Rivers, to fill trash bags and remove large eyesores such as televisions and box springs.

TU believes volunteerism reaches far beyond the benefits from directly removing trash from local waters, as those who come out to volunteer their time and energy are far less likely to contribute to this problem in the future.

Beyond restoring the health of waterways, it’s a great lesson in how to do your part to protect and enhance the common areas we enjoy.

Trout Unlimited is always looking for volunteers. Contact me at or call 530-587-7110 to get more information about the next event to conserve, protect and restore the Truckee River watershed.

David Lass is the Trout Unlimited California Field Director, visit or find them on Facebook at