Truckee Elementary School is a special place |

Truckee Elementary School is a special place

Valerie Simpson
Special to the Sun

Many factors make a school great, such as a low student-to-teacher ratio, quality instruction, and a safe and caring environment. At Truckee Elementary we offer all of this and much more.

Not only is our school focused on providing a solid academic foundation for all children, but also we’re doing it through engaging hands-on learning opportunities for our students.

We have outstanding teachers and staff, who are diligent in providing a coordinated system of learning that integrates subject areas and ensures that each learner’s needs are met.

Some highlights include:

Sagehen Field Station

For many years, fifth-graders across our district have attended a three-day intensive program focused on field science and teamwork. At Truckee Elementary, we have expanded this environmental experience to include our first-graders. We have a special first/fifth-grade program where fifth-graders are guided in teaching first-graders about some of the ecology topics they experienced during their fall outdoor education program. Seven weeks before their outdoor experience, the first-graders and fifth-graders come together weekly as learning partners. They focus on reading and writing about the field science that will occur during their outdoor experience at the UC Field Station.

Trout in the Classroom

This amazing, hands-on program engages students in real-world biology and aquatic ecology, while connecting them with the local watershed. Teachers and students work together to raise trout from eggs to fingerlings, monitor tank water quality, engage in stream habitat study, appreciate water resources, foster conservation ethic, and understand ecosystem connectivity.


In our Technology Lab, one of the many things our students are learning is how to code. Coding is a fun and engaging way to learn to problem solve and to persevere through sometimes challenging tasks! Not only does it help students get more familiar with the power of technology, but it also promotes creativity and logical thinking in our scholars.

Quality Health and Physical Education (PE) Program

Something unique about our PE program at Truckee Elementary is that we have incorporated dance. This kind of movement offers a multitude of benefits for the total health and well-being of our students in and outside of the classroom. A fantastic outcome of this addition to our program is our annual PE Dance Extravaganza! Our extravaganza is a school-wide performance where each class performs a routine that is set to music, in front of the entire school community.

Student Leaders

Throughout the school day at Truckee Elementary School you can see Truckee High School students on their way to be a Teacher’s Assistant (TA) in one of our classrooms. Our high school TA’s have a range of responsibilities that are focused on helping our students achieve maximum success. They help with math, reading, writing, art … you name it! Their presence and positive influence on our campus makes our school a better place, and demonstrates the power of our community working together to support our children! High school students benefit from this program, as well. Under the mentorship of our teachers, high school TA’s gain confidence, improve communication and increase their organizational skills. There are also gaining work experiences as part of their school day. Perhaps one of the most significant benefits for all is that the Truckee Elementary children love their Truckee High School TA’s. You can see our young students greeting the TA’s with big smiles and even bigger hugs as they enter the classroom each day!

All of our programs help us to address the unique needs of our Truckee Elementary School students, support literacy, and help children build positive and lasting relationships with their peers and community.

We are so grateful for the tremendous support we have from parents and community members, and through Measure A and Excellence in Education to make these programs possible.

Truckee Elementary is a very special place to be!

Valerie Simpson is the principal of Truckee Elementary School.

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