Truckee grieves death of ‘Lil’ Joe Aguera |

Truckee grieves death of ‘Lil’ Joe Aguera

One of the original members of the Truckee Town Council died last week, leaving a legacy and decades of service in the Truckee area.

Joe Cyril Aguera, or better known as “Lil’ Joe,” died at the age of 60 at his home in Reno, Nevada, from an apparent heart attack on Tuesday, April 17.

Aguera grew up in Truckee and worked for the Truckee Sanitary District for more than 30 years, according to the district, until his retirement on Dec. 30, 2014. Aguera began as a meter reader and rose to the title of field operations superintendent.

“Whenever a customer had a question, we sent out Joe,” said the district’s Lee Wright in a statement after Aguera retired at the end of 2014. “He knew the 300 plus miles of pipes, laterals, manholes, and cleanouts that serve the Truckee area like the back of his hand. No one was better at addressing customer concerns than Joe.”

Aguera’s father, Joe Aguera, is the former owner of the Truckee Tahoe Mortuary, and has served on the Truckee Donner Public Utility District Board since 1986.

The younger Aguera served the town as well, winning a seat on Truckee’s first town council in 1993. Aguera would also be re-elected to the council in 1994.

“We are all saddened by the news that one of Truckee’s first Council Members Joe C. Aguera “Little Joe” (passed from) a heart attack this week,” said Truckee Mayor Carolyn Wallace Dee in an email to the Sun.

“Joe C. was elected to the first Town Council out of a field of 27 candidates. The Town of Truckee extends condolences to his father Joe R. Aguera and his entire family.”

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