Truckee school bond fails, Tahoe school bond passes (unofficial final) |

Truckee school bond fails, Tahoe school bond passes (unofficial final)

Kevin MacMillan


Click here for the full results from Nevada County.

Click here for the full results from Placer County.

Click here for the full results from El Dorado County.


TAHOE-TRUCKEE, Calif. — The $114 million Tahoe-Truckee schools bond known as Measure U has failed, according to unofficial election results from Placer and Nevada counties.

The measure for Truckee-area school improvements needs 55 percent voter approval, in total, across both counties. With 100 percent of precincts reporting, 52.27 percent voted in favor, with 47.73 percent against.

The $62 million Measure E bond, however, for lakeside school improvements has passed, garnering a total of 58.62 percent in favor, with 41.38 against in Placer and El Dorado counties.

Whether or not these totals change, however, remains to be seen.

As is the case in California every election year, results compiled by each county on election night are only semi-official, as a number of vote-by-mail and other ballots from a variety of county-wide precincts remain outstanding.

This year, more than 10,000 are outstanding for Nevada County, with several thousand expected in Placer, too. It’s unclear exactly how many count for Tahoe/Truckee voters.

According to the Secretary of State, election results change throughout a 28-day state-allowed canvass period as the outstanding votes are tallied, which could sway the final total for the bond measures and other races.

For example, two years ago, final results for Nevada County were released more than two weeks after Election Day. That year, a good deal of the lingering mail-in ballots came from Truckee precincts, which impacted the vote on Measure J — although the winners of each local race did not change.


As for local races, Chuck Zipkin, Dale Chamblin (incumbent) and Greg Jellinek were the top three vote-getters for the Tahoe Forest Hospital District board.

However, Mark Spohr finished just 22 votes behind in fourth place, and Ronda Brooks, in fifth, is only 41 votes behind Jellinek, meaning those outstanding ballots could spell changes later this month.

The race for Truckee Town Council is also very tight. Jamie Brimer led the way with 1,104 votes, followed by Patrick Flora (incumbent) with 1,096 votes and Carolyn Wallace Dee (incumbent) with 1,076 for the three seats. Morgan Goodwin is only 36 votes behind in fourth place.

For the Truckee Fire board, challenger Gary Botto’s 1,528 votes led the way, followed by Victor Hernandez (incumbent) with 1,336 votes and Paul Wilford (incumbent) with 1,170. Gerald Herrick (incumbent), at 1,129 votes, is 41 votes back.

Sue Daniels (incumbent) received 464 votes for her seat on the North Tahoe PUD board, edging challenger Sarah Coolidge’s 422 votes.

Lastly, for the Tahoe City PUD board, John Pang cruised to a win with 562 votes, followed by Dan Wilkins (incumbent) at 481 votes to round out both seats.

The below results are according to 100 percent of precincts reporting in all three counties. Again, results or only semi-official.


Measure U ($114M bond measure for Truckee area schools)*

NEVADA COUNTY (100 percent of precincts)

Yes: 1,217, 52.30%

No: 1,110, 47.70%

PLACER COUNTY (10 of 10 precincts)

Yes: 132, 51.97%

No: 122, 48.03%


Yes: 1,349, 52.27%

No: 1,232, 47.73%

* Measure requires 55 percent majority across both counties total to pass


Measure E ($62M bond measure for North Tahoe/lakeside area schools)*

PLACER COUNTY (10 of 10 precincts)

Yes: 1,240, 59.05%

No: 860, 40.95%

EL DORADO COUNTY (2 of 2 precincts)

Yes: 124, 54.63%

No: 103, 45.37%


Yes: 1,364, 58.62%

No: 963, 41.38%

* Measure requires 55 percent majority across both counties total to pass


Tahoe Forest Hospital District board of directors (vote for three)

NEVADA COUNTY (100 percent of precincts reporting)

Chuck Zipkin: 967, 18.06%

Greg Jellinek: 933, 17.43%

Ronda Brooks: 851, 15.89%

Dale Chamblin (incumbent): 785, 14.66%

Mark Spohr: 679, 12.68%

Ned Hughes: 588, 10.98%

John Falk: 551, 10.29%

PLACER COUNTY (21 of 21 precincts)

Dale Chamblin (incumbent): 920, 16.96%

Chuck Zipkin: 895, 16.50%

Ned Hughes: 891, 16.43%

Mark Spohr: 856, 15.78%

Ronda Brooks: 665, 12.26%

Greg Jellinek: 624, 11.51%

John Falk: 559, 10.31%


Chuck Zipkin: 1,862 votes

Dale Chamblin (incumbent): 1,705 votes

Greg Jellinek: 1,557 votes

Mark Spohr: 1,535 votes

Ronda Brooks: 1,516 votes

Ned Hughes: 1,479 votes

John Falk: 1,110 votes


North Tahoe PUD Director Seat 3 (vote for one) – 4 of 4 precincts

Sue Daniels (incumbent): 464, 52.25%

Sarah Coolidge: 422, 47.52%


Town of Truckee Town Council (vote for three) – 100 percent of precincts reporting

Jamie Brimer: 1,104, 21.13%

Patrick Flora (incumbent): 1,096, 20.98%

Carolyn Wallace Dee (incumbent): 1,076, 20.60%

Morgan Goodwin: 1,040, 19.91%

Mark Brown (incumbent): 908, 17.38%


Tahoe City PUD board of directors (vote for two) – 6 of 6 precincts


John Pang: 440, 32.19%

Dan Wilkins (incumbent): 378, 27.65%

Paul Joslin: 230, 16.83%

Lou Reinkens (incumbent): 216, 15.80%

Stu Dalie: 98, 7.17%

EL DORADO COUNTY (3 of 3 precincts)

John Pang: 122, 33.33%

Dan Wilkins (incumbent): 103, 28.14%

Lou Reinkens (incumbent): 61, 16.67%

Paul Joslin: 43, 11.75%

Stu Dalie: 35, 9.56%


John Pang: 562 votes

Dan Wilkins (incumbent): 481 votes

Lou Reinkens (incumbent): 277 votes

Paul Joslin: 273 votes

Stu Dalie: 133 votes


Truckee Fire Protection District board of directors (vote for three)

NEVADA COUNTY (100 percent of precincts reporting)

Gary Botto: 1,410, 29.88%

Victor Hernandez (incumbent): 1,223, 25.92%

Paul Wilford (incumbent): 1,064, 22.55%

Gerald Herrick (incumbent): 1,022, 21.66%

PLACER COUNTY (6 of 6 precincts)

Gary Botto: 118, 26.34%

Victor Hernandez (incumbent): 113, 25.22%

Gerald Herrick (incumbent): 107, 23.88%

Paul Wilford (incumbent): 106, 23.66%


Gary Botto: 1,528 votes

Victor Hernandez (incumbent): 1,336 votes

Paul Wilford (incumbent): 1,170 votes

Gerald Herrick (incumbent): 1,129 votes

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