Truckee therapist invites you to discover the power of equine learning |

Truckee therapist invites you to discover the power of equine learning

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Polly Ryan loves the process of equine facilitated education and the horse's ability to bring participants to an authentic place of insight and power.
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Equine assisted learning is a transformative personal development tool. People gain an understanding of themselves and others through interactions with horses.

Equinemity is a locally owned and run business which offers Equine Assisted Learning. Polly Ryan, M.A., co-founder of Equinemity, will offer a variety of equine workshops in September and October, including “Prosperity & Empowerment in Creating the Life of Your Dreams,” “Wholehearted Living: Learning to Live from a Place of Worthiness” and more.

Ground activities with horses are followed by debriefing/coaching sessions to explore and expand upon participant’s experiences. Learning in group settings offers enhanced experiences as well as heart-based, authentic interactions with self and others.

Horses are intelligent and powerful, yet exhibit gentle traits. Humans and horses have a long tradition of social interaction. Many are naturally fascinated by these creatures for both their spirit and strength.

Ryan discovered the magic of horses as learning partners through her daughter, who inspired her to ride (and jump!) at age 48.

By nature, horses are perceptive. As prey animals, they must tune into their environment’s every detail with keenness in order to survive.

Their survival also depends on their ability to work efficiently and cooperatively as a herd to identify changes in the environment. The approach of a predator could be life threatening. A field of green grass to graze is, alternately, life enhancing.

Horses communicate via a complex social hierarchy and are adept at perceiving what people think and feel. They are not fooled by a façade and read body language and underlying intentions.

Horses are teachers of teamwork and empowered individuality.


The keen intelligence and innate awareness of horses may help create balance, identify and modify self-defeating patterns, achieve breakthroughs in life, increase emotional awareness and develop authentic meaningful expressions.

Participants find and utilize their inner strengths through this unique connection between the horse and themselves.

Horses contribute three aspects for human growth and learning.

First, horses don’t care about a person’s position, power, status, title, ethnicity or challenges. They accept people for exactly who they are and what they are presenting in the moment.

Second, horses live in the present moment and can perceive where a participant is and instantly reflect this back to them.

Third, horses can challenge both intention and behavior in a non-threatening way, which leads participants quickly to greater self-awareness, discovery and powerful experiential learning.


Equinemity workshops are co facilitated by a team of humans and horses in Reno, Nev. 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. The cost is $225 which includes lunch and course materials. Schedule is Saturday, Sept. 13, “Prosperity & Empowerment in Creating the Life of Your Dreams;” Saturday, Sept. 27, “Wholehearted Living: Learning to Live from a Place of Worthiness;” Saturday, Oct. 11, “The Five Agreements in Action;” and Saturday, Oct. 25, “Just Be Happy: Exploring the Concepts of Joy in Partnership with Horses.”

Ryan received her Masters in counseling psychology from CSU, Northridge and provides counseling to families, couples and individuals. She has practiced for more than 28 years in California and Nevada and is a certified in Equine Experiential Education and Corporate Coaching by E3A.

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