Truckee to devote nearly $2.7M to help spur economy |

Truckee to devote nearly $2.7M to help spur economy

Margaret Moran

TRUCKEE, Calif. — The town of Truckee is accepting applications that aim at fostering a healthy, year-round economy.

Goals of the Economic Development Fund and Economic Development Support programs include increasing the town’s tax base, diversifying the local economy and promoting and marketing Truckee as businesses-friendly.


This program has $2.45 million in general fund reserves and former redevelopment agency bond proceeds. There is no maximum or minimum award amount, with town council approving each amount.

The program provides a one-time incentive to the construction of public infrastructure such as utility undergrounding and sidewalk construction, among others.

Eligible applications include any business in Truckee or one seeking to locate in Truckee; a developer or property owner acting on behalf of a business; local government agencies; and nonprofits that meet program goals.


This one-time program — unless extended by town council — has $235,000 in general funds. The maximum award amount is $50,000, with council having to approve awards more than $5,000.

The program provides funding for special events, marketing activities, studies to further economic development, among others.

Eligible applicants include local government agencies, business associations, individual businesses and economic development-related organizations that meet program goals.

For both programs, submission of an application does not guarantee funding. For information, contact Alex Terrazas, assistant town manager, at 530-582-2914 or