Truckee’s Mountain Forge to send out ‘The Band’ |

Truckee’s Mountain Forge to send out ‘The Band’

Jennifer Standteiner

TRUCKEE, Calif. — Toni Standteiner of Mountain Forge is taking his show to the big city.

For the past few months, he and Matthew Christiano, along with the help of other Mountain Forge cast and crew, have been crafting a huge public art sculpture for the city of San Fransisco.

"The Band," as the artwork has come to be known, consists of four individual sculptures of bronze, stainless steel, copper and brass.

The Band will be situated harmoniously on a triangulated plot of green space in Shaw Alley, a pedestrian thoroughfare for those exiting or entering the new Trans Bay Terminal. "The Band" will be on tour permanently at 535 Mission St. in the main plaza of one of the city's newest skyscrapers.

A tall, slender, and contemporary structure of light and air, each band member weighs about 800 pounds and measures roughly 4 feet in diameter by 10 feel high. From long narrow views down Shaw Alley the sculpture may look like wild abstracts at play, but upon closer investigation it becomes an old blues band, hip alt rock band, or whatever kind of band you want.

The gal on the mic is belting out the high notes while the lead guitarist jams beside her, the upright bassist swings around to the other side, and the drummer holds them all together with a steady beat.

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The Band rejoices in San Francisco's rich musical history, while situating itself among today's stunning examples of a vibrant present. Toni wanted to create something as colorful and lively as the residents of the city — from way back when to right this minute — and back again.

Music is timeless and inclusive.

It sends a message that transcends social, race and gender issues all while speaking a universal language. It seems a favorable compliment to a pioneering city like San Fransisco.

"I want to bring a little movement, a little sound, a little smile to whomever sees it, in hopes that they will be reminded of a good time, or just hang out with the scene for a minute to create a good time," said Toni.

The Band should play well among the energy and enthusiasm as San Fransisco's progressive nature once again opens the door to the avant-garde through it's latest architectural endeavors.

"I'm really proud that our Tahoe family business of 45+ years can contribute," said Toni.

Mountain Forge, Inc. is a local family owned and operated blacksmith shop in business since 1968. Today it is a state-of-the-art workshop located at 10950 Industrial Way, Truckee. Visit or call 530-550-0511.