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Wage difference seems unfair

DEAR BRUCE: I work for a company that has a fourth shift, which pays employees $6 an hour more on Saturday and Sunday. But when we have mandatory overtime, we have to work Saturday and receive time and a half.

Why aren’t we entitled to the extra $6 an hour when we have to work Saturday? The fourth shift works overtime and gets time and a half also, so why are they entitled to more money to work Saturday, but we are not? — C.S.

DEAR C.S.: There may be more information that you haven’t submitted, but on the basis of what you’re saying, it seems to me that the company is paying you time and a half in situations where the law requires time and a half. If it chooses to give different wages to different shifts (even though it may seem discriminatory), I don’t see any reason why it can’t be more generous to one group than another, but that is another matter for the law to take a look at. From what you told me, they’re paying you according to the law, which is what is required.

DEAR BRUCE: I have been watching videos on Facebook encouraging people to invest a few hundred dollars in marijuana penny stocks. It is very intriguing, while at the same time seems shady. I read your column today, and you said you wouldn’t recommend penny stocks. If I wanted to invest in marijuana stocks, how would I go about it? — C.W.

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DEAR C.W.: I don’t know what videos you been watching, but it sounds to me like they’re promoting penny stocks, and whether the penny stocks are marijuana or something else, they are best to be avoided. If you wish to invest in a marijuana stock, simply call your broker and tell him how much you want to invest and have him recommend medical stocks. There are many to choose from. It’s simple to do, but in my opinion, there are more intelligent ways to invest your money.

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