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Lost mail still under investigation

Sun staff report

The U.S. Postal Service is still investigating what happened to the Truckee mail that went missing Sept. 22.

The still unknown quantity of mail left Truckee and was on its way for the Reno mail distribution center. The Postal Inspection Service is investigating the loss.

“We’re glad this wasn’t more widespread but we take every piece of mail seriously and are making every effort,” said David Rupert, spokesman for the Postal Service.

The Postal Inspection Service is contacting those affected to find out exactly how much has gone missing and what types of mail, and is asking people to check their credit and bank statements to find out of the mail was stolen, Rupert said.

“We’re not saying it was theft, it’s just one thing we have to look at,” Rupert said.

If it was stolen, Rupert said the Postal Inspection Service has a high success rate down in solving the crime.

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“These are the same people that brought down the Unabomber and Bonnie and Clyde,” Rupert said.

The Postal Service also has consumer advocates helping those with late payments or missed bills as a result of the lost mail, Rupert said.

If you are a Truckee postal customer who lost mail, the post office has drafted a letter that will notify companies and creditors of the problem, Rupert said.

Almost all creditors will forgive late fees or other charges when presented with the letter, he said.

The letter can be requested at the Truckee post office, said Rupert.