Man breaks into Truckee restaurant, causes severe damage |

Man breaks into Truckee restaurant, causes severe damage

Staff reports

Truckee police arrested a Redwood City man after he allegedly broke into Cafe Spira around 3 a.m. Monday morning.

Alexander Kovacs, 30, used one of the restaurant’s outside tables to smash through the double-pane windows and entered the one-month-old restaurant, police reports said.

After Kovacs gained entry, police said he a broke several wine and Champagne bottles, picked up the cash register and threw it on the ground, and used more bottles to smash the front glass doors.

“He left with nothing but he destroyed the inside of the restaurant,” said Tina Miguel, the owner of Cafe Spira. Miguel and two helpers spent 10 hours cleaning the inside of the restaurant Monday and re-opened Tuesday at 7 a.m.

“We weren’t going to let him stop us,” she said.

Police caught wind of the break-in when Kovacs allegedly set off the restaurant’s alarm. The first officer on the scene heard someone run away and, upon initial investigation of the scene, found blood in the restaurant.

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Moments later, an officer found Kovacs in the roundabout bleeding from several lacerations, according to the report. Later on, investigators reported they found a blood trail, shoeprints and broken wine bottles leading from the restaurant, located at 10770 Donner Pass Road in the Gateway East center, to the roundabout.

Kovacs also tried to kick in the glass doors of several other establishments in the Gateway East building, as well as breaking into a storage area at El Toro Bravo on Commercial Row, investigators said.

Kovacs was arrested on suspicion of burglary, felony vandalism and attempted burglary. He is being held in Nevada County Jail.