Man gets 10 days jail for failure to pay more than $130K in child support |

Man gets 10 days jail for failure to pay more than $130K in child support

A Glenbrook, Nev., man was sentenced to 10 days in jail after he failed to pay more than $130,000 in child support payments.

Jeffery E. Dingman made somewhat of a scene in Young’s court on Tuesday, Nov. 14, when he stood up to say he felt personally offended that Eric Levin, representing the state, would accuse him of lying about missing court dates and imply he didn’t care about his children.

In his previous plea agreement, Dingman was required to pay $1,812 per month in child support, but he had only made a few payments. Levin said in court last month that there were multiple times that Dingman had failed to pay, did not show up to court giving excuses that he was sick and taking care of his mother.

Last month in court, Dingman said he could pay $1,500, but Levin said that was not enough to make up for the thousands of dollars in missing payments. In court on Tuesday, Levin said he had prosecuted a number of child support payment cases and rarely does he recommend jail time for individuals who do not pay, but this was one of those rare occasions.

After Dingman’s hearing last month, Young ordered him to fill out a financial form and meet with parole and probation, Dingman failed to do both. He will spend 10 days in jail and will be placed back on probation when he is released.

Judge Tod Young presided over the sentencing.