Maritime museum torn down, reopening in 2008 |

Maritime museum torn down, reopening in 2008

Joanna Hartman
Sierra Sun

courtesy imageThe new Tahoe Maritime Museum will be open in the Summer of 2008.

While the building housing the Tahoe Maritime Museum was nearly 60 years old, it took only 31 minutes to tear down last week.

The demolition of the old museum, previously housed in a former Homewood motel, will be completed in the next couple weeks, said museum director Dottie Batchelor. Workers will do as much as they can before Oct. 15 and pickup where they left off next spring.

The new museum is expected to be up and running in its former location by May of 2008. For next summer, the Tahoe Maritime Museum will be open in a temporary location on the second floor of the Homewood Mountain Resort lodge, said Batchelor.

“The [new] building is tremendously exciting,” said Tom Bredt, the museum’s board president since 2001. “It allows us to expand our programs, display the boats, have more activities for children. It’s more comprehensive.”

The new museum will be a two-story, 5,500 square foot building in the same location, where five to seven boats can be on display at any given time, “So the public can actually see the collection,” Batchelor said.

Previously, the museum had to host open houses in its Truckee warehouse.

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“We’re hoping it will be a gathering place,” Batchelor said. “To have coffee or enjoy the garden. It’s a beautiful building.”

The project is slated to cost $3.1 million, with over one third of the funding already covered by individual contributors, said Batchelor. They are hoping to have at least half the funding within the next month.

The former Homeside Motel was torn down because of plumbing, foundation and structure issues, Batchelor said. Rather than investing in remodeling the old building, it was time to reconstruct as an expanded, permanent museum building, she said.