Measure D defeated |

Measure D defeated

Christina Nelson

By a margin of about 5,000 votes, Nevada County voters left the property owner claims reimbursement process initiative, Measure D, dead in the water.

After Truckee, Grass Valley and Nevada City councils took stands against the initiative, about 57 percent of voters checked “no” on their ballots.

“It was disappointing on one hand, but I think it accomplished a purpose on the other,” said Pat Davison of the California Association of Business, Property and Resource Owners in Nevada County, a supporter of the measure.

Measure D would have established a process for payments to property owners if a court determined that a county regulation or action reduced the value of the property.

“I think there was value there that that kind of discussion was going on,” she said.

Davison said she hopes the measure will make people more aware of decisions made that can affect property owners.

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“We feel cautiously optimistic that with a change in leadership at the county government… that we will see property rights protected more rigorously by our elected leaders,” said Russ Steele of the Citizens for Fair and Balanced Land Use, one of the organizations that sponsored the measure.

Barbara Green, district five Nevada County supervisor, said the outcome of the measure D vote was “wonderful.”

“I’m grateful to the voters for having seen through and used their own logic to realize this was a poorly thought out measure,” Green said.