Measure M financial statements disclosed |

Measure M financial statements disclosed

The first of three pre-election financial disclosure statements from groups supporting or opposing Measure M – the ballot initiative to amend Truckee’s general plan – have been filed with the town’s deputy clerk.

Three groups submitted the statements that are required by the state Fair Political Practices Commission by the Sept. 25 deadline: Community Alliance for a Responsible Environment and Economy, Mountain Area Preservation Foundation and Hopkins Boca Sierra Limited Partnership.

Disclosure statements list donations received, as well as campaign expenditures, each group has incurred through September. Topping the list was the Hopkins Boca Sierra LP, which has totaled $97,547 in campaign expenses and nothing in donations.

Hopkins Boca Sierra paid Union Bank of California $16,400 in professional services; $13,928 to McCuthchen, Boyle, Brown and Enerson for legal fees; $23,007 to Sylvester Engineering for consulting fees; $7,377 to Ward, Young Architects for architectural fees; $27,045 to Solem and Associates for consulting fees; $1,026 to the Sierra Sun for advertisements; and $286 to Copymat for literature.

Although the total comes to slightly more than $89,000,

duplicated expenditures in the itemized disclosure statement caused the discrepancy. As a result, the limited partnership amended its statement.

“It should be noted that Hopkins Boca Sierra is filing an amendment,” Hopkins Trust representative Brian Mullins said. “The original report duplicated some expenditures and caused Hopkins Boca Sierra to over-report its expenditures.”

In terms of the large amount of spending, Mullins down played it as being careful.

“”In filing, Hopkins Boca Sierra has sought to ensure that we have honestly and completely met both the letter and spirit of the law,” Mullins said. “For this reason, we have gone out of our way to ensure that our recently filed report includes all expenditures related to Boca Sierra Estates, whether for campaign purposes or not.

“These non-campaign expenses totaled nearly $60,000.”

CARE had donations of $16,346, while incurring $19,193 in expenses.

Contributors include: Terry Erhardt, Ron Hemig, Blue Sky Construction, Mike Kerton, The Auto Doctor and Truckee Tahoe Towing at $100 each; Sierra Valley Builders and Sandra Waters at $125 each; Dirk Mellena for $200; Mountain Electric, Susan Cordero, Cox and Kromydas Architects, Zekiel Cronell and DeBoer Enterprises for $250; Nelson Van Gundy, Bob Tamietti, Doc Gelso Construction, Advanced Auto Body, Judith Kielhofer, S and R Snow Removal and MWA Inc. for $500; Guzman Enterprises Inc., Truckee River Associates, Larry Young, Truckee Tahoe Lumber, Truckee North Tahoe Materials, Al Pombo Inc. and Lakeside Towing for $1,000; and Sylvester Engineering for $1,500.

Non-monetary CARE contributions came from Matt Gelso, who donated $650 in brochures, and Bob Tamietti, who donated $100 toward the group’s voter list.

CARE’s expenses included $1,231 to the Sierra Sun for advertisements, $12,491 to James Burchill and Associates for professional services and $102 to Pacific Bell for overhead and general operating costs.

“We are looking at expenses for public information and public relations,” CARE member Ron Hemig said. “We have been trying to disseminate the facts to the public about Measure M and we are continuing that program right up until election day.”

MAPF reported receiving $8,291 in donations and spending $3,876 campaigning to amend the general plan.

Contributors include R. Scott Foster, Todd Huckins, D.P. Burke, Coffee and, Janna Caughron and Bradbury’s Office Supplies for $100 each; M.J. Castro, Iris Durland, Roberta Specht, Mary Lou Herhusky, Jan Borhaug, Deborah Echenique, Pamela Elster, Stephen Bartok and Lisa Frisch for $150; Sheila Reever for $185; Christine Carroll and the Aufmuth family for $250; Diane Albright for $285; Thomas Albright for $300; Eleanor Huggins for $310; W. David Brown for $333 and Seija Weisman for $500.

MAPF did receive one non-monetary contribution of five cases of wine from Joseph Phelps Vineyards valued at $1,500.

Expenses incurred by MAPF included $892 to E-Z- Mail for literature, $1,167 to Tahoe Instant Press for literature, $820 to the Sierra Sun for advertisements; $325 to Celia Howe for fund-raising events and $510 to Shute, Mihaley and Weinberger for consulting service fees.

“Our money is coming from pretty average folks, people that are concerned with the quality of life here,” MAPF President Stefanie Olivieri said. “That is the make-up of our organization and that has been the make-up of our supporters.”

The next disclosure statement is due at town hall Oct. 23. A “late contribution” list is due between Oct. 23 and election day for any late contributions or expenses of $1,000 or more. These late contributions and expenses are reportable within 24 hours of an organization’s receipt.

In January of 1998, a final contribution and expense list is due, summarizing all monetary transactions relating to the Measure M campaign.

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