Meet Your Merchant: Balancing your life through your diet at Traditional Roots |

Meet Your Merchant: Balancing your life through your diet at Traditional Roots

Courtesy Colleen MooreFounder and owner of Traditional Roots Nutrition, Lindsay Rojas, sits inside of her office in Truckee, where she helps clients develop a more nutritionally balanced diet.

TRUCKEE, Calif. andamp;#8212; Our diets can have an extreme impact on our lives. What we put into our bodies affects our energy, health and general well-being. Sometimes, we need a little guidance to make sure we’re putting the right things into our body.This is where Lindsay Rojas comes in.Rojas, a certified nutritionist, is founder and owner of Traditional Roots Nutrition, which aims to help Tahoe locals develop whole and healthy diets. Rojas opened her practice just several months ago, in April, and has already helped many locals develop a healthier, more nutritionally balanced diet.Six years ago, Rojas decided to turn her passion for health and nutrition into a career.andamp;#8220;Nutrition has been a passion for a very long time,andamp;#8221; Rojas explained. andamp;#8220;(It was) kind of a hobby.andamp;#8221; Rojas said she turned to nutrition when she was handling her own health struggles. What interested her the most was that changing her diet had the biggest effect on her health. In 2010, Rojas went back to school for nutrition, to learn about different foods and bodily systems.andamp;#8220;It went from a hobby to actually wanting to do this for a living and reach out to people, since I had such a wonderful experience (with nutrition),andamp;#8221; she said. andamp;#8220;It really changed my life and (I wanted to) share that.andamp;#8221;At her office, located off of Donner Pass Road, Rojas sees clients with a variety of problems, from chronic fatigue to digestive issues and stress and weight loss. She offers a free consultation session, meeting with clients and discussing their diet and a potential plan before setting up future appointments. Rojas has clients complete an online survey to find out more about their dietary habits, and she also performs lingual neural testing (LNT).This functional evaluation allows Rojas to take information directly from the body. During the test, Rojas has clients put a supplements in their mouth for 15 to 30 seconds, while she palpates more than 75 different reflex points on the body. These points correlate with different organs and organ systems in order to find out how the body is reacting to the supplement. Rojas explained that the client will know if the body is responding to the supplement, allowing her to assess if more or less of the supplement is needed to balance the body and body systems.Rojas offers other services as well, including pantry clean up, grocery store walk-throughs, and giving health talks at her office or various other locations. She also gives clients food-sourcing guides, making it easier to find quality whole foods while grocery shopping.Rojas’ practice is a bit different from other nutritionists, she added.andamp;#8220;The first main thing I see between other nutritionists is (that I) do the functional evaluation, by doing the lingual neural testing,andamp;#8221; she said.She continued, citing that she promotes healthy fats, where as other nutritionists may cut out fats completely.andamp;#8220;I promote lots of different types of fats, all unprocessed,andamp;#8221; Rojas said. andamp;#8220;I see fat as a very beneficial thing, where as conventional nutrition and many of the magazines and health articles are afraid of fats.andamp;#8221;Rojas noted that fats, such as cholesterol, have different positive impacts in the body. Cholesterol is a healing agent in the body, but since it is commonly associated with heart disease, people tend to steer away from it, instead of having it in moderation.Rojas added that there are small changes you can make to diet on your own to live a healthier life.andamp;#8220;If you can’t get it from a farm, you shouldn’t be eating it. Try your best to stay away from processed foods. Stick to whole foods as much as possible,andamp;#8221; Rojas said. andamp;#8220;Definitely try to cook as much food as you can, but eating out on occasion is perfectly fine.andamp;#8221;Foods that are close to nature often are the healthiest, Rojas explained. For example, grass-fed meat is best, because the animal is eating its natural diet.While changing your diet and eating healthy is a daily commitment, Rojas added that it’s OK to splurge every once in a while.andamp;#8220;That’s what everyone needs to do to get by and to enjoy life. You’re going to eat what you want to eat, but good guidelines are important, and to try and follow them as much as possible,andamp;#8221; she said. andamp;#8220;I always feel the best when I’m eating whole foods.andamp;#8221;

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