Meet Your Merchant: Get your body in line with Elemental Back & Body |

Meet Your Merchant: Get your body in line with Elemental Back & Body

Courtesy Colleen Moore Founders and owners Spencer and Kailia Cruttenden inside one of the rooms where they help adjust patients using chiropractic and acupuncture methods.

TRUCKEE, Calif. – Have you been feeling any aches and pains lately? Neck or back feeling stiff?Elemental Back & Body has got you covered. A husband and wife duo, they work together to combine their specialties to help you.”We fit a neat niche in health care,” Spencer Cruttenden said.Dr. Cruttenden is a chiropractic physician, as well as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, which allows him to work with patients on a chiropractic spectrum, as well as in the gym as a personal trainer. Kailia Cruttenden is a licensed acupuncturist, working with patients to restore balance in the body.The pair works together to help patients that might not need surgery, but still need medical attention, Dr. Cruttenden explained.”When someone comes in, we evaluate each case for the best way (or what tools to use), to get the person to where they want to be,” Mrs. Cruttenden explained.”There isn’t one tool for every job,” Dr. Cruttenden said, adding that the pair will use whatever treatment, either chiropractic or acupuncture, to give the patient the best results.Dr. Cruttenden added that it’s a good idea to switch treatments up as well, as it keeps the body in healing mode, much like changing an exercise routine will continue to give positive results.Elemental Back & Body was founded in March 2012, originally located near the airport. In June, the company moved to its current location, inside the CR Johnson Healing Center on Pioneer Trail. Mrs. Cruttenden, who knew Johnson from growing up in Truckee, explained that working within the healing center has been a wonderful experience.The pair works with patients to develop a program for healing, consisting of five pillars of overall health: strength, flexibility, alignment and posture, mind and nutrition, and education. Optimal health includes having all five of these pillars in balance with one another, Mrs. Cruttenden said.While Dr. Cruttenden works with patients on a chiropractic spectrum, adjusting the body and showing patients exercises to maintain strength and flexibility, Mrs. Cruttenden focuses on several different mediums.Acupuncture is used to treat chronic inflammation, she explained. She also uses nutrition to help patients, tailoring their diets to support a healthy lifestyle.”I use food as medicine,” Mrs. Cruttenden said. “(We) heal through food.”The Cruttendens explained that while they work physically with patients, they also help them to overcome mental barriers. For example, if a patient is experiencing chronic pain in their knee, they can receive treatment to help realign the knee and relieve inflammation, but the Cruttendens also help them overcome the mental barrier associated with pain. In short, if the knee has caused them pain in the past, the Cruttendens work with the patient to teach them how to use the knee and not be in pain.”It’s about breaking through mental barriers,” Mrs. Cruttenden said.Dr. Cruttenden added that they work with patients on muscle memory as well, showing them exercises to strengthen parts of the body that are causing them pain.”(It’s important) to use the right muscles in the right way,” Dr. Cruttenden said.Working within the healing center, Elemental Back & Body has access to the gym and sauna as well. While the company is still new, they have plans to expand and become more involved in the community. The Cruttendens explained that education is important to them, and plan to organize community classes to teach different stretches and exercises that will help prevent, as well as heal, injuries.”We want people to be self-sustainable,” Mrs. Cruttenden said.Elemental Back & Body is open by appointment, however they welcome those interested to call or stop by for a free consultation. While they do not accept insurance, they do provide Superbills for reimbursement.

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