Meet Your Neighbor: Brittaney White |

Meet Your Neighbor: Brittaney White

Brittaney White grew up in Truckee and, like many other local kids, with many varied interests and hobbies shaping her future from an early age. A 2008 graduate of Truckee High, White is now heading off to study at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Irvine, Calif.

Are you excited to be leaving Truckee?

I am super excited. I’m nervous to leave my hometown because I’ve grown up in Truckee and don’t really know

anything more than small town. But I’m excited to go down

to Orange County and start a new life.

When did you start thinking about a career in fashion?

I’ve dreamt about a career in fashion since 8th grade. My mom always wanted me to go to a U.C. school, but once freshman year rolled around I started drawing more and more …

You also got really into skiing while you were in high school?

I did. Freestyle skiing is like a way of life. It’s super chill, so much fun, and you can go out there and have a blast. And the fashion…You can wear something you find in your mom’s closet from the ’80s, and it’ll be the new cool thing in like a week.

So do you hope to design some winter apparel and sportswear?

Hopefully in about four years I’ll be seeing my stuff ” Nifti50 ” rocked on the hill by my best friends. And I can’t wait to come back and shred with everybody.

What clothes have you made yourself?

I make a lot of T-shirts. We’ll go get big guy T-shirts and cut them up and make them into something else…My friends and I make a lot of hats and mittens. And I even made my brother a sweater vest.

What was the application process

for FIDM like?

We went down to the campus and found out you need to be invited to apply. After a four-hour meeting getting to know me and my passions, they invited me to apply. I had to draw five garments as a project and compare them to existing products.

I did all ski wear…

It was an intense process and it was due in a week. I was in my room surrounded by papers and colored pencils. I pretty much didn’t have a life for a week.

I also needed two essays and three letters

of recommendation.

So you did all this during your junior year

of high school?

Yeah, I was accepted as a junior. My senior year was a little more mellow because I didn’t have to go through the whole college application process.

Did seeing all your friends apply to more traditional

colleges change your mind at all about going to fashion school?

I don’t think it changed my mind at all. I would so much rather go to the school I’m going to [than a traditional college].”

I hear you were in the Truckee Junior Bakers

program as well?

Yeah, I got involved with Trish’s Junior Baking Program

back in eighth grade. I’ve learned how to cook and done some art-type projects for her over the years…The types of stress involved in cooking and fashion are similar. And the love and passion that goes into cooking is the same as goes into fashion.

Will it be hard leaving home?

My mom’s definitely sad because her little girl’s leaving… My dad’s an architect and an artist, so he’s stoked to see my work. And my mom is proud that I did all the work to get admitted ” all the research and essays and everything.

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